Baby Hacks

This pin was such inspiration for me. Many of these I was doing before I found this wonderful post and some I have tried since and others I still want to try.

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Layering the bed sheets and mattress pads is ingenious. There have been many times I have to strip the crib and go wash everything as quick as I can before #technobaby takes his nap. With this hack that is no longer a worry.

Early on I had burp cloths everywhere. My husband said just everywhere he needed one he just turned and there it was. Little did he know that was on purpose. Also the stocked baby basket has been a life saver. We have changes of clothes, diapers, etc. both downstairs, upstairs in our loft and in the nursery as well as our bedroom so no matter where we are we are ready for what comes our way.

The blowout trick I must try … already planning on ordering the hands we are always untangling the car seat. Go two twenty one!

I have laundry bags or laundry baskets all throughout the house too, that way no matter where we are, there is a hamper close by to throw the dirty clothes and when ready I just collect them all and throw it in the wash. While carrying baby around I have found hamper bags to be so much easier than laundry baskets.

The diaper suggestions are awesome and well tested. Always have a diaper and extra clothes in the car believe me never know when that might come in handy!

Finally my personal little hack for a teething baby. Cut a hole in a pacifier and fill it with water and then freeze it that cool, sucking sensation will soothe their gums. We now have two teeth coming in and teething is scary!


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