Hottest Astonishingly Futuristic Gadgets for Latest Baby Hacks

Before #technobaby was born, my husband and I went into a BabiesRUs store, ready to spend some money and score the necessary gear for our upcoming adventure in parenthood. Two hours later, we left emotionally and physically drained, clueless and overwhelmed. We vowed to never enter a Babies R Us again and although we haven’t been fortunate enough to do this the visits are far and few between. Both of us are techie people. We are the quintessential techie couple. It was only natural then that we would want all the latest tech for our new baby and ourselves. We registered for several and were fortunate enough to come across others that we could get. Here is the down low on what we liked and what ended up being decoration in the nursery.

Owlet Smart Sock

The Owlet we decided was the answer to the typical new parent scare and it was something we didn’t want to live without. The Owlet Smart Sock tracks infant’s heart rate and oxygen levels, designed to notify parents if those levels fall outside of preset zones. Parents can view live levels from their smartphone, whether they’re down the hall, across town or around the world. We did receive the Owlet for our baby shower and were ecstatic. Once #technobaby was born though we quickly figured out that we were the overly tired parents that always forgot to put the sock on before he fell asleep. It is still rated one of the best gadgets and has made it again on the CES list of awesome baby gear, unfortunately for us it just didn’t work out for our daily lives.

Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad

This gadget was a surprise to us. We were not expecting this and actually didn’t know about it when we received it from my mother-in-law for the baby shower. My mother-in-law happens to love Shark Tank and this was one that made it through the show and got funded. This changing pad is awesome! It tracks in those early days (and beyond) all the diapers your baby has and even is a scale to measure baby and make sure he is gaining weight. Weight was not an issue we had with #technobaby but we did use the tracking of diapers for a good while. If you are breastfeeding it will also track weight and time fed for you, so before you start a feeding you weigh baby and then after you weigh him and can then know how much he ate. This is a method that lactation consultants use and was a great help to us in those early days.


So all babies eventually get sick. This is a fact of life unfortunately. As a new mom this can be a frightening experience. So of course you want to be armed with the best medicine and gadgets to make sure that he doesn’t get too sick to warrant anything more that can be done at home. #technobaby did eventually get sick a few months ago. He got an ear infection. I wanted his temp 24/7 so I did some research and found TempTraq that promised to take the temp all the time and alert you if it went beyond a certain threshold. It had good reviews and I was excited because the Fridababy alternative was a little too pricey for the moment. I put the temptraq on #technobaby and the issues started first the registered temp was too low then it would spike up, then it would disconnect. After many attempts to get it just right, we decided this gadget was more hype than actual help. We ended up using our trusty thermometer throughout the night and I ended up returning TempTraq the next day. The Fridababy product is a similar idea with better reviews so we may just see if we get that for Christmas, since so far all the Fridababy products that we own have been solid. TempTraq is on the list of finalists for the CES awards so maybe it was user error but for us it just didn’t work out.

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