Moonlite – Coolest New Gadget for Bedtime

I fell in love with with this gadget on the last day of their kickstarter page. I jumped in at the last minute and scored this awesome gadget for $35.

Convinced that this is the next greatest thing to baby’s bottle and want one for bedtime? From their kickstarter page a note on where you can find Moonlite now:

“Do you love Moonlite but missed out on the campaign? GOOD NEWS! For your friends and family who didn’t have a chance to pre-order on Kickstarter, it’s not too late–we have moved to InDemand for the next month. This means that while we finalize everything on the manufacturing and production side of things, those who missed out (or want to pre-order more) still have a chance to do so.”

Get the Moonlite – A Bedtime Story Projector today!! Don’t delay!

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From Fox News:

Links proclaiming the awesomeness:




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