The Greatness of WP Engine

I would personally as a developer and small business web design owner say that WP Engine is the best WordPress hosting company out there. They may be a little more expensive but by far beat cheaper hosts such as godaddy, hostgator and others. You truly get what you pay for in the scenario of hosting. On top of being fast and having a great customer support team available in multiple ways 24-7 they have amazing tools to make the developers job so much easier.

Just to name a few WP Engine offers tools for transferring installs, copying sites, migration and an awesome user portal which includes automatic backups. My favorite tool though is the staging environment. As a web developer the biggest tabu is working on the live environment to make changes, the staging environment solves this issue with one click you can copy the production site to the staging server and bippity boppity boo you have a place to test things, develop new features, show off a new design, anything you can imagine.

Give WP Engine a chance and you will never look back. Sign up today and save 20% off your first payment or have DC Sites design your new site.

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

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