Shout out to Ashley’s Playhouse

Sometimes as mammas we all need a break. It is hard though to trust somebody else with your little one especially when it is only from time to time. This is a rave review for Ashley’s Playhouse because they have been like a second family to #technobaby. Everybody there knows him, he is happy when he shows up and happy when we get him. They provide a great info sheet on what happened in the course of the time that mommy and/or daddy were gone. They are open until 10pm M-T and late until midnight on Friday and Saturday which is great for date night. #technobaby has been dropped off at Ashley’s since he was about 5 months old and they have truly seen him grow from a small baby to rolling to crawling and now almost walking. They will see him continue to grow hopefully for years to come.

If you are interested in Ashley’s Playhouse or if you know of Ashley’s and are looking for a deal this is the time. For February only (there are only two more days!) they are discounting their blocks heavily and if you buy a block or join the membership you lock in their lower rates for a period of time. Ashley’s Playhouse is truly a gem and I would gladly recommend it to anybody looking for childcare whether it be daily or sporadically in those moments when we need some kid free time and everything in between. Check out their update on pricing and their discounts for February.

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