Tech Tuesday: A Paperless Birthday

April is upon us and for our family it means birthday month. For the first time (and not the last!) we are planning a birthday party for #technobaby who is turning 1! How time flies!

My mixed feelings aside, I want this party to be perfect even though I know the first party is for the parents more than the kid. I wanted an invite that was unique and reflected #technobaby’s personality. Luckily with a little help from #techobaby’s godfather and uncle we were able to design a great invitation. Since we are on a shoestring budget I wanted to send evites instead of by mail so I started searching around at the different options. Hot on the market these days are evite, paperless post, and punchbowl gaining popularity especially for kids events.

I decided to go with paperless post. I love their interface which is simple and to the point, a lot of cards are free to send, they make it easy to include your own pictures and for a custom invite like we have designed they allow you to make your own invitations without having to fit into their default templates.

I think I will be using paperless post again in the future. There are many many many birthdays to come.

Check out paperless post, create a free account and let me know what you think or what your favorite evite system is.

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