Dubsado Part 2

Demystifying Dubsado (Part 2)

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In Part 1 of this 3 part series, we looked at setting up packages and payment schedules in Dubsado. This week, I want to take a deeper look at how to setup your brand in Dubsado with some of the more high level settings.

The cog wheel in the top right hand corner will reveal all the settings for your brand.

Let’s continue our journey into Dubsado!

Brand & Dashboard

The Brand settings allow you to set all your colors for your brand and upload your logo. Here you will also have to enter your address to use on invoices. You can also specify whether emails and invoices will come from your brand (like Techie Mamma) or you personally.

Under Dashboard you can pick a color palette to best match your brand and choose whether or not you want to see financial indicators.


One of the features I love most about Dubsado is their Portal. I don’t think this is a feature that is used as much as maybe it should. It is pretty slick. In the portal your client can view all of their projects, email communication, tasks, invoices and forms and on and on.

They have an authenticated area with everything about their project. I think for some clients it is overwhelming so my use of it has been sporadic but I do like that there is an option. For Techie Mamma, I even have a URL that is connected with my domain.

The portal settings lets you setup colors to match your brand. You can upload a specific logo, banner and mobile banner for your portal and do things like welcome messages and unique names for projects. You can even embed the portal login on your website, like I do!

Multi Users, International & Money

The next few sections are pretty self explanatory, a few settings in each of these categories. Multi users allows you, once you are a paying customer to Dubsado, to add up to 3 users for free to your brand. This is big because most CRMs charge you at the first person you add. International settings sets up your language and time zone and allows you to set up a different currency symbol than dollars. Most importantly, make sure Dubsado is setup to receive money! Dubsado is setup with Stripe, Square and PayPal. Setup one or PayPal with Stripe or Square. My motto is always make it easy to get paid and get paid early or on time!!


Another feature I love about Dubsado is that all your emails can be brought into Dubsado and you can send email right inside Dubsado. This makes it so easy to keep everything in one place and keep track of multiple clients at once. You can easily setup a gmail account. If you don’t have an email setup through Gmail there are instructions on how to forward the email to Dubsado.


Remember I said how cool it was you could setup your own domain with the portal! This is where to set it up. These are not settings for a newbie and you might need help from your hosting / domain service provider or you can contact me for help. In order to do custom mapping you have to set up a CNAME record in your DNS.

Custom Mapped Fields

There are so many features I absolutely love about Dubsado. Custom mapped fields is just another one. Custom mapped fields allows you to store custom information on a client or project basis.

For example, just about every project I start has a website URL, a username and a password. I know have these as custom mapped fields so I can get to the information quickly. I set up both the website URL for the live site as well as the URL and login information for the development site.

Maybe you are a photographer and want to track how many kiddos are going to be in your photo shoot. I am sure there is extra information we all end up trying to keep track of for all different kinds of industries.

Whew, that is a lot if you made it all the way down here! If all of this is too long to read here is a video that goes through all of these settings!

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