DIY Mompreneur Office Hours Info

Welcome to Office Hours!

Have questions that you want to ask Cousett (out loud!) rather than posting in the Facebook Group?

Join in on the next Office Hours! Office Hours are your chance to ask Cousett anything about WordPress, ConvertKit, plugins, themes, templates, digital products, business strategies, branding, and more! But, instead of the way some groups hold office hours - in a live group call - I’m going to host them via a walkie-talkie app: Voxer!

  • We have a 1:1 conversation so you get a personalized response
  • You’re not limited to 60 seconds for each audio clip you record
  • Your questions get answered by the end of the day every Friday
  • You show up at a time that suits you vs. waiting for a live group call

When are Office Hours?

Office Hours happen every Friday between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM Central time (CST).
Click here to work out your timezone. Just click inside the blue box to type then select your city to see your local time!

Where do I connect with you?

Office Hours happen over on Voxer! Click here to install Voxer.

  • Add Cousett at @Cousett
  • Send a voice message or text message
  • Await a response!

Why Office Hours are a Mompreneur-perfect?

  • You don’t have to show up to a live call at a time that doesn’t suit you ⏰
  • You can speak to Cousett wherever you are - at your desk, whilst you’re making breakfast, wrangling kiddos, or still in bed! 😍
  • You can ask your question privately and get that 1:1 feedback you’re after ☎️
  • You know there is a set day a week (Fridays!) where you can get your mom boss questions answered and work on your business ✊

Things others have asked during Office Hours

If you’re not sure what to ask, here are a few things others have messaged me about in the past:

  • WordPress Plugins: Finding the perfect plugin or theme to get the look and feel you need.
  • Site Speed: Is your site running slow? Get some tips on what might be making it crawl
  • Passive Income & Digital Marketing: selling digital products, creating an online course, affiliate marketing, sales automation


Anything about being a Mompreneur, WordPress, business strategies, and more! If you’re not sure if I can help, just ask anyway! The worst that happens is I say ‘I don’t know how to help with that but I know who can!

Office Hours take place between 10am and 6pm Central time on Fridays but you are free to message me on Voxer at any other time! Just, please be aware that I will only respond during Office Hours! You are also free to post in the Facebook Group any time if you miss out on Office Hours and want a response before the next week.

YES, if you want to send me screenshots or a screen recording, I’m happy to check them out! Whatever method(s) you need to use to get across your questions to me will be accepted! In return, if I don’t feel that I can “tell you” my answer via voice or text, I will gladly create a quick Loom video to help provide extra support in answering your question!

I’d recommend coming with one thing you want help with. I love supporting you in the FB group and during Office Hours but please remember I am just one person.

If you have more questions, there are two options! 1) You can post questions in the Facebook group at any time for a response from Cousett and/or other DIY Mompreneurs. 2) If you want more 1:1 help from me, you can check out my Care Plans.

No worries! Voxer is 100% free to use and allows us to chat 1:1 in a walkie-talkie style. Simply click here to install the Voxer app on your phone or use the web app at to get started. Add me using @cousett and send a quick ‘Hey!’ to me via a text message or voice message and I’ll help you get started!

Either is fine! Whatever you’re most comfortable with! I will respond both via voice or text depending on the craziness.

Yes, I will do my best. This is my attempt to streamline the process and make sure I am available to give the best support possible.