Let’s Talk Colors!

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Deciding on a color palette is important as it defines your brand along with your logo. These are a few options to inspire some thought on colors. This article by Canva has several palettes to get the juices flowing.

Did you know certain colors help you sell your products, while others promote well being and thoughtfulness.

Can you tell what my color is?! Thats right I love red! This article by one of my favorite marketers and authors Neil Patel, talks about the Psychology of color and how to use it for different audience.

So what does your color scheme say about your brand, website and your personality? What are the colors that you use? If you want some help creating color schemes that flow together check out these tools.

Here are also some color scheme creators if you want to try on your own:

Lastly, here are some more articles to get some inspiration flowing, if you want to learn more about color and the web:


Ever wonder what the best color combination is for your website, living room, style or your kiddos? The colors we use are so important for setting the mood and inspiring different emotions when visitors come to our site. 

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