Techie Mamma

The design and functionality of Techie Mamma needed to be flexible and be able to grow over time. I did not want it to be locked into one look but I wanted a clear color palette and logo. The logo for Techie Mamma is a mom with a laptop and her son with a device. This was created when I still had just one little one. I am currently in the process of revamping the logo to include both sons. I wanted to create a brand with Techie Mamma and my logo that when fellow moms saw the logo they knew good content was close by.

Recently, I have expanded Techie Mamma to include my consultations and web development and support. I am enhancing the website as this part of Techie Mamma grows.

Since Techie Mamma was first a blog having the home blog page and quick links to some of the most popular categories was key.

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