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WordCamp San Antonio and Battle of the Builders

March 21, 2020
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Gutenberg has been out for over a year and the turf is very active for all the builders for WordPress. There are now several builders to choose from including the one built into WordPress core. This WordCamp San Antonio session will explore several page builders.

Best Google Analytics in the WordPress Dashboard

February 25, 2020
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Site Kit by Google is a plugin that brings Google Analytics and other products into your WordPress dashboard. Analytics is one of the key measures of success for your site. Now with Site Kit by Google, you don’t have to leave your Dashboard to view your stats.

How to Start a Blog & Make $4126 Monthly [Ultimate Blogging Guide]

December 26, 2019
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Is there anything better than following your passion and making passive income along the way? Blogging is a great way to build your online career which can help you reach new heights. Starting a blog does not have to be as daunting as it seems.

Why You NEED to Update PHP to the Recommended Version for WordPress

December 4, 2019
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As of June 2019, WordPress increased the recommended PHP version to 7.3 or greater. It is important to keep not only WordPress core, plugins, and themes updated but also the version of the underlining code PHP. Doing so will make your site more secure, faster, leaner, less resource hungry and just overall better.

Tips to Socialize Your WordPress Site

November 19, 2019
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When it comes to WordPress social media, there is a lot to think about. Are you bring in social posts into your website, are you posting to social media or…

Launch a WooCommerce WordPress Store For Black Friday

November 13, 2019
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Do you dream of running an online store? Maybe you want to sell t-shirts or run a subscription-based business. Dream no more and make it a reality with WooCommerce for…

Easy to Use Ad Management Plugin For WordPress To Make More Money

October 30, 2019
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Advanced Ads lets you get your ad management under control and organized so you can concentrate on what you do best! Display ads from ad networks like Google AdSense or from your affiliates with custom affiliate code. There are so many ways to customize the look and display of the ads.

Acing your First or Twentieth WordCamp

October 16, 2019
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Thinking about attending a WordCamp conference soon? Whether it is your first WordCamp or your twentieth these WordCamp tips will make sure you ace it! Read this post for 8…

Getting the Perfect Look with Astra Starter Sites

October 2, 2019
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Getting just the right look in WordPress can be one of the most challenging parts of your website. Between all the themes and the different options that they all provide…

The New Kid on the Block: Forminator WordPress Plugin

September 18, 2019
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Forms are an essential part of just about every website. They allow your users to interact with you and your website. Forminator is one of the most powerful plugins out…

Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor; Which Page Builder is Best?

September 4, 2019
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Visiting WordPress blogs, bloggers that use WordPress and others that use WordPress for their bread and butter, there are a lot of different ideas of what the best page builder…

Level Up – Use the WordPress App on Mobile Devices

August 21, 2019
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Level up your blogging game by taking your blogging tasks with you wherever you are! Did you know that you can manage your site from your phone, tablet or in…

What is a Multisite Network + Questions Answered

August 8, 2019
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There are many reasons you might want to utilize a hidden and unique gem feature in the WordPress ecosystem called WordPress multisite. This site, Techie Mamma, is part of this…

5 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress + Why You Need Them

July 24, 2019
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What are the 5 super necessary and needed plugins for every WordPress site? Whether it is a blog, store, or a small business site you need these 5 plugins to…

Essential Qualities of Highly Successful Themes

July 10, 2019
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There are so many decisions when starting a blog or website. The topic, the hosting and domain, plugins, themes, the list goes on and on. The first major choice that…

Getting the WordPress Error “Blocked as suspected bot”

June 26, 2019
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Are you getting a WordPress error every time you or a visitor tries to comment that says, “Blocked as suspected bot”? WordPress errors can be annoying but this error prevents…

The What, When, How of the New Gutenberg Editor

May 15, 2019
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The Gutenberg editor is a long time coming for WordPress to become a modern website system. With Wix, Squarespace, and many many others, WordPress was missing that easy entry point…

In’s and Out’s of the WordPress Dashboard

May 1, 2019
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Your site is setup!! Congratulations! Now it is time to get your hands dirty. The next several posts we will talk about the Dashboard, Themes, Page Builder, Plugins, Menus, Widgets,…

How To Turn Your Blog Into a Recipe Resource With Ease

March 20, 2019
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The Instant Pot has brought a desire to add recipes to the Techie Mamma site. I am not at the point of a lot of experimenting yet but when I…

How to Choose? or

March 6, 2019
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Getting started with WordPress can be very confusing at times. Some guides may tell you to go to and sign up for a totally free account while others go…