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Sticky Monkey Labels: Keep Track of Your Kiddos Stuff

By techiemamma / August 1, 2019
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Sticky Monkey Labels is an invention by mommies for moms. They are awesome! Stickers or labels that are dishwasher safe, waterproof, microwave safe, freezer safe, and laundry safe. There are…

Young Man – It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

By techiemamma / June 6, 2019
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Although the YMCA, or Young Men’s Christian Association, of 50 years ago may not look the same as it does today, the core values are still similar and it is…

The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day Printables, Crafts and Activities

By techiemamma / February 1, 2019
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This February celebrate how much you love your kiddos, partners, friends and all loved ones all month long. This mega-list has plenty of printables, crafts, decor, and events all over…

Watch out fishes there’s a new fish in the pool

By techiemamma / August 15, 2017
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After oh its been years since i swam for more than just fun – i have decided to join the masters swimming team at the Y. I go for evaluation…

Tech Tuesday: iPad Guided Access

By techiemamma / May 30, 2017
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I got the best of presents for Mother’s Day this year. A little late in my review but still timely (it’s still May). I got a new iPad!! I am…

My Baby is Growing Up

By techiemamma / May 29, 2017
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I have been in denial for over a month. A little over a month ago my baby, #technobaby, turned a year old. He is maturing from being our baby boy…

Disney is almost here!

By techiemamma / May 28, 2017
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So in a few days we are leaving for Disney World with our 13 month #technobaby! We are excited and a bit nervous. Traveling with a 1 year old is…

Ergo 360 Mom’s Best Friend

By techiemamma / May 28, 2017
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I got the Ergo 360 as a Mother’s Day gift and am in love. With at least two trips coming up this summer I was hoping to have a carrier…

Tech Tuesday: Learning Fun 101 Summer Camps

By techiemamma / April 25, 2017
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#technobaby turned a 1 year old! For that reason last week was a little crazy prepping for his little party (and because I was overly excited it became a larger…

Tech Tuesday – 5 Minute Journal

By techiemamma / April 11, 2017
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Journaling is one of those things that I so wish I could do more but never seem to have the time or the discipline to keep it up. There are…

Gymboree Arboretum Crossing Open House

By techiemamma / March 28, 2017
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This week the Gymboree Play and Music at Arboretum Crossing is having their open house. That means all week you can sign up for free and explore all that they…

Aching Heart

By techiemamma / March 22, 2017
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My heart aches as we head to the church for the funeral and burial of our friends 8 month son. I’m still in shock and unbelief. It’s hard to understand…

Spring Break Activities

By techiemamma / March 13, 2017
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From dinosaurs to splash pads to museums and SXSW activities, there is no shortage of activities to do during Spring Break in the Austin area. Rummaging on the web here…

What middle of March?!

By techiemamma / March 12, 2017
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So how is it the middle of March already? With a blink of the eye March appeared and has continued. So what happened? Well we got busy! DC Sites got…

Philosophical Thoughts

By techiemamma / February 28, 2017
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Tech Tuesday: Sharing the Little Moments – Moment Garden

By techiemamma / February 28, 2017
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For this Tech Tuesday I want to share an app that we have been using since #technobaby was about two months old. Social media is great way to share memories…

AKA Mommy

By techiemamma / February 27, 2017
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Gymboree Deal

By techiemamma / February 23, 2017
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I have long wanted to take #technobaby to Gymboree. We have gone a few times for the free class and we have paid a few times but we have not…

#technobaby Valentine Photo

By techiemamma / February 19, 2017
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We finally finished up #technobaby’s Valentine Photo! Happy February Valentine all month long.

Terra Toys Origami Event

By techiemamma / February 9, 2017
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  The Terra Toys Origami event was so much fun. I have never been to Terra Toys and we had a blast! highly recommended if you are in the Austin…

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