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Preschool Supplies Your Little Student Needs For Success

August 11, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

School is starting in less than a month! This is so hard to believe. Summer is nearly over. Getting him just the right preschool supplies will make little ones feel…

Sticky Monkey Labels: Keep Track of Your Kiddos Stuff

August 1, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

Sticky Monkey Labels is an invention by mommies for moms. They are awesome! Stickers or labels that are dishwasher safe, waterproof, microwave safe, freezer safe, and laundry safe. There are…

How I refreshed my kiddos wardrobe with $600 worth of clothes for FREE

June 28, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

Are your kiddos clothes shrinking before they even get a chance to wear them?! I know I have that issue. I feel like baby bear grows out of a size…

Having Your Children Share a Room

June 20, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

Soon, and I mean very soon, I will have two little boys in the house. Being a mom to two under two is exciting, overwhelming, and a reason to plan…

Young Man – It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

June 6, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

Although the YMCA, or Young Men’s Christian Association, of 50 years ago may not look the same as it does today, the core values are still similar and it is…

How to Have a Super Safe Swim Summer

May 17, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

This post is sponsored by Emler Swim School for Water Safety Month, all opinions are my own. The heat index has hit 100 degrees in Austin, TX, whether we want to admit it…

3 Ways to Frugally Get New Kids Clothes

May 9, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

JBF Sale JBF, or Just Between Friends, is a sale that happens a few times a year where you can buy gently used clothes and gear from others in your…

Summertime Babytime – Getting Out and About

April 25, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

The weather is warming up in Texas! It is time to be outside and enjoy some good old vitamin D. Now with two I’m figuring out how to get my…

8 Tips on how to Child Proof Your Home Don’t Delay

March 28, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

My older almost 3 year old has cunningly learned how to undo anything child proof around the house. He also thankfully understands to not do basic things like put things…

5 Steps to a Better Dinner Out with your Toddler

January 23, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

Eating dinner out with your toddler can be an experience that is hard to recover from. Follow these steps and you might actually go on a regular basis! #1 –…

Don’t Mess With My Bottle 😐

January 22, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

Bottle Leash Baby Hack Are you handy with the sewing machine? This hack is amazing and there are different variations that can be made. Every mom has seen toy links…

How To Get Your Toddler to Keep Nap Time

January 15, 2019
Posted in Raising Kids

When my son was about 2, I could see that he was starting to lose his nap. He would still get tired but would fight his state and just keep…

First Day of School Timeline

September 6, 2017
Posted in Raising Kids

As excited as I was for him all summer, today ended up being harder on me than I ever thought. Today #techkidalex my baby boy started the little preschool that…

Baby Boy’s First Hair Cut

August 28, 2017
Posted in Raising Kids

My baby boy got his first hair cut. I never realized how much of a difference this would make until it actually happened. Luckily we had a very special person…

When Hurricane Harvey Brings Lots of Water

August 26, 2017
Posted in Raising Kids

When Hurricane Harvey brings lots of rain and we can’t go outside … we bring the outside inside.  

Watch out fishes there’s a new fish in the pool

August 15, 2017
Posted in Raising Kids

After oh its been years since i swam for more than just fun – i have decided to join the masters swimming team at the Y. I go for evaluation…

Then and Now

July 17, 2017
Posted in Raising Kids

It is amazing how quick we grow up sometimes. I can’t believe these two videos are only months apart. First at the beginning of January and the next ones in…

My Baby is Growing Up

May 29, 2017
Posted in Raising Kids

I have been in denial for over a month. A little over a month ago my baby, #technobaby, turned a year old. He is maturing from being our baby boy…

Gymboree Arboretum Crossing Open House

March 28, 2017
Posted in Raising Kids

This week the Gymboree Play and Music at Arboretum Crossing is having their open house. That means all week you can sign up for free and explore all that they…

Domain Northside Superpowered Kids Fail!!

February 1, 2017
Posted in Raising Kids

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