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Aching Heart Remembering Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day

October 15, 2019
Posted in Mom

The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Psalms 34:18 October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. My heart goes out to…

Toy Room Organization with Free Toy Bin Labels

October 4, 2019
Posted in Mom

In our house, it’s a constant struggle to keep toys under control and not in every corner of the house. Although my husband would deny it, I do like to…

How to Overcome & Prevent Mommy Guilt

September 6, 2019
Posted in Mom

One Monday last month started as one of those days you mentally file under “precious moments.” I signed my seven-year-old Sebastian up for Taekwondo, and his face glowed with excitement…

Power of Color Organization for Busy Moms

August 15, 2019
Posted in Mom

Ever since my youngest was born, I have been looking for ways to keep the two boys organized. Color organization fit the bill perfectly. Organize clothes, organize diapers, organize backpacks,…

The 10 Minute Guide to Refreshing Your Spring Wardrobe

March 22, 2019
Posted in Mom

Spring time is here! If the weather hasn’t changed in your area you know it will start to soon. My aunt just moved to the DC area and I am…

Lenten Reflections

March 8, 2019
Posted in Mom

Promotions for fish filets start at McDonalds and cheese pizzas at Pizza Hut and you know the holiest of times are upon us. Thousands of Catholics go to services on…

Curbside Shopping That Saves So Much Time. Shopping Smart

January 11, 2019
Posted in Mom

Back to school, the holidays, vacation and many others … there are times of the year that are super busy and we just don’t want to deal with the time…

Summer is here!!

May 24, 2018
Posted in Mom

In our household summer is now in full swing. School ended last Wednesday and this week started our first official week of summer. With a 24 month toddler I wanted…

Get Cooking Techie Mamma

May 15, 2018
Posted in Mom

I want to set it straight right now that I am not a cook. I am the farthest thing from a cook and it still requires a lot of energy…

Blog Hiatus

May 14, 2018
Posted in Mom

hi·a·tus /hīˈādəs/ noun noun: hiatus; plural noun: hiatuses a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process. “there was a brief hiatus in the war with France” synonyms: pause,…

Zumba Madness

August 28, 2017
Posted in Mom

I went to Zumba and left the household in the hands of my dear hubby #woodbytedad. Oh boy anarchy broke loose. We discovered #techkidalex likes to hide in cabinets and…

Paving The Runway

August 22, 2017
Posted in Mom

This week’s MOPS blog post by JJ Heller talks about watching her young daughter head off to kindergarten. I think this is something that many of our MOPS moms are…

Grilling Fun!

July 24, 2017
Posted in Mom

Last day before vacation we decided to grill. #woodbytedad did a great job cooking delicious food. Daddy grilled while #techkidalex had fun at the water table.  

National Hot Dog Day

July 17, 2017
Posted in Mom

Sonic is celebrating national hot dog day with $1 hot dogs. 

Ergo 360 Mom’s Best Friend

May 28, 2017
Posted in Mom

I got the Ergo 360 as a Mother’s Day gift and am in love. With at least two trips coming up this summer I was hoping to have a carrier…

Just Between Friends Sale

April 1, 2017
Posted in Mom

I am volunteering for the first time at the JBF sale. I posted about the sales back in the fall and was excited this year to get more involved and…

Groceries made easy

March 14, 2017
Posted in Mom

This Tech Tuesday I wanted to feature a service possible with technology that makes life so much easier! I discovered this a few weeks ago and it is my new…

Boston Adventures in the Middle of March

March 12, 2017
Posted in Mom

So how is it the middle of March already? With a blink of the eye March appeared and has continued. So what happened? Well we got busy! DC Sites got…

We are Starry Eyed – MOPS Group 2017

January 19, 2017
Posted in Mom

I ventured to do something new today. I attended my first MOPS meeting. It was great I am going to really enjoy these meetings and two hours baby free!! We…

Best Black Friday Deals for Baby

November 23, 2016
Posted in Mom

Do you want to get that latest toy for your little one and think Black Friday might be the day to catch that deal of the lifetime. Here are some…

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