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63 Tools Every Mompreneur Needs to Succeed

October 8, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

Running a business sometimes means a lot of tools and apps. One app might have a decent subscription price but when you add 20 together it can get pricey. This…

Getting Proposals Done in Dubsado

September 24, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

Proposals are a very important part of a service-based industry. I remember before Techie Mamma, running DC Sites, I loathed the idea of proposals. They were so cumbersome, long and…

How to Make it as a Big Star with Branded Links

September 10, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

I am a self-professed app junkie and proud of it. For years I’ve been looking up apps to do this or to do that and trying to always find the…

Finding Organization in Chaos: Productivity Course

August 29, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

As a mom blogger and side hustler, I find myself continually trying to find balance and organization in the chaos. Earlier this summer I vouched to find balance and get more…

5 Easy Steps to Automating Emails in MailerLite

August 27, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

One of the best time saving and list building opportunities is to have opt-ins with additional resources or content. Email services like ConvertKit, MailChimp, and MailerLite all have ways to…

Google Docs Hacks You Can’t Live Without

August 13, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

If you are an avid Google Doc user, you know just how powerful Google has been able to take the world of word processing to the web. Once upon a…

Your Password — are you protected from being hacked?

July 30, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

When I open my password manager it shows I have over 2000 passwords. 2000 passwords!! 2000 unique sites that contain some sort of personal information that warrants a user name…

Solve All Your Screen Capture Woes

July 16, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

There are so many tools that can make your life easier. One tool that I find myself using on a daily basis over and over is a sweet little tool…

Firework Deals and Steals

July 2, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

It seems like in a blink of an eye we are suddenly in July. My birthday quickly came and went and Baby Bear’s birthday is next on the 11th he…

9 Steps To Ace Your Content Creation Strategy

June 18, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech, Web Design

What is Content Marketing What is content marketing and what does it have to do with my WordPress site? The key to content marketing is taking any type of content…

Finding Balance with Summer Fun and Business Life

June 14, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

Finding the balance between mom life and business life can be really tough at times. The summer is no exception and may be even worse to find the right balance.…

Demystifying Dubsado (Part 2)

June 4, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

In Part 1 of this 3 part series, we looked at setting up packages and payment schedules in Dubsado. This week, I want to take a deeper look at how…

CoSchedule: A Tool to Schedule Social Media

May 21, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

A disclaimer: I am not a huge marketer nor do I have a huge brand to market to the world. I am a mom who wants to run a successful…

Demystifying Dubsado, Part 1

May 7, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

In March, I wrote an article on the 10 ways I love Dubsado. I do really like their mission and I like everything they bring to the table. I didn’t…

Ultimate Guide to Video Conferencing Tools

April 23, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

When you’re in my line of business or doing coaching or a service-based business of any kind you know that you have to be in touch with the person that…

5 Ways to Use Trello to Get Organized

April 9, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

I am always having issues staying on top of everything. My blog, my business, the house, the kids activities it just all adds up and my tiny mommy brain can’t…

How to use Smart Mockups to Stand Out

March 26, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

One of my new favorite apps is called Smart Mockups. Choose from so many options including scenes or standalone photos. Do you ever have to create mockups for clients –…

10 Reasons Why Techie Mamma ❤️ Dubsado

March 1, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

In the short life as DC Sites (4 years) (and shorter as Techie Mamma) we have tried many systems to work with clients. Part of this is because I am…

Battle for Email Lists MailChimp vs MailerLite

February 25, 2019
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

I have heard so much about MailerLite recently that I thought I would give it a chance. My initial impressions is that it is really similar to MailChimp. There are…


October 28, 2016
Posted in Mompreneur Tech

AWESOME WP Engine Code!! They never get this good. 4 months free click on the link Coupon code: SPOOKY Offer: 4 months free off annual shared plans (or 20% off…

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