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Ultimate Tech Mamma Gift Guide

By techiemamma / May 3, 2019
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May is here and with May comes Mother’s favorite day – Mother’s day. If you have a mom in your life that loves tech this is the guide for you.…

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Assets

By techiemamma / February 26, 2019
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Update!! I found more resources! Check out the new additions! Premium and High Quality PSD files for Free Download – PSD Zone Free stock photos – Kaboompics Free Stock Textures…

February Photo A Day

By techiemamma / February 1, 2019
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My Instagram friend and Zumba instructor @christinecbrown posted that she was going to do this challenge called a photo a day by @fatmumslim. I am so excited about this challenge. I love…

Astonishing and Breathtaking Views at White Rock Overlook

By ryancousett / July 26, 2017
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White Rock Overlook features a staggering 270 degree open space view of the beautiful Rio Grande River as it runs along the Jemez Mountains. The view was breathtaking and indescribable.  

Twirling twirling … in the mountains

By techiemamma / July 25, 2017
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We are in Taos and after a day of resting and getting altitude normalized, today we ventured to Taos and visited a few things. The boy fell asleep on the…

Behind the Scenes Down and Dirty Driving Photography

By ryancousett / July 25, 2017
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Driving through the mountains from Taos to Arroyo Seco, I decided to open the window and snap some shots. I was excited that some came out pretty well.    



By techiemamma / June 5, 2017
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Selfie with Daddy while waiting in line. #ifttt #location-28.41673333333333,-81.580375

Happy Memorial Day!

By techiemamma / May 29, 2017
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Happy Memorial Day! I hope all had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday! Let summer be in full swing! Happy summer everybody.

Tech Tuesday – 5 Minute Journal

By techiemamma / April 11, 2017
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Journaling is one of those things that I so wish I could do more but never seem to have the time or the discipline to keep it up. There are…

What middle of March?!

By techiemamma / March 12, 2017
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So how is it the middle of March already? With a blink of the eye March appeared and has continued. So what happened? Well we got busy! DC Sites got…

Tech Tuesday: Sharing the Little Moments – Moment Garden

By techiemamma / February 28, 2017
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For this Tech Tuesday I want to share an app that we have been using since #technobaby was about two months old. Social media is great way to share memories…

#technobaby Valentine Photo

By techiemamma / February 19, 2017
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We finally finished up #technobaby’s Valentine Photo! Happy February Valentine all month long.

Photo a Day 7. fashion

By techiemamma / February 7, 2017
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Made it to day 7! Fashion. Greatest fashion is free company t-shirt and a hoodie!

#technobaby is 9 Months old!

By techiemamma / January 23, 2017
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Free Shutterfly Photo Book

By techiemamma / October 20, 2016
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