Squarespace SEO

February 12, 2019

Luckily SEO is SEO no matter what platform you choose. Some platforms (like WordPress) have good practices with their code from the beginning and get you an extra start but there is still a lot of work that has to be done to get WordPress in the top ranking spots. Here are some articles for…

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7 Ways To Implement Better Self-Care with the Matriarc App

February 5, 2019

What is the one app you need on your phone after baby comes?! This free app will help you with self-care, baby-care and more.

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Youngest WordCamper

October 21, 2017

Our youngest WordCamper our very own #techkidalex! I can’t wait until he is old enough to join the real kids campers! Youngest WordCamper! techkidalex #wcatx17 #keepwapuuweird #wcatx #wordcamp #kidscamp @wordcampaustin

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Freebie: Disney Parks Stick Figure

June 27, 2017

Tech Tuesday time! This is Disney and Techy! Make your very own Disney Stick Figure family and get a free decal sent to you. Disney Parks Stick Figure Family Decal! DISNEY FAMILY: Create and share your Disney Parks stick figure family, plus get a free printed decal. Here’s how: Go to Disney Parks Stick Figure Family…

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Tech Tuesday: Disney Movies Anywhere

June 6, 2017

This Tech Tuesday I write from Disney World. Inspired by this I want to share one of my favorite Disney Apps. Disney fans rejoice. There is a website that makes everyone’s life so much easier. Are you tired of keeping track of where you bought a certain Disney movie? If you are anything like our…

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Tech Tuesday: iPad Guided Access

May 30, 2017

I got the best of presents for Mother’s Day this year. A little late in my review but still timely (it’s still May). I got a new iPad!! I am in love with it. That is an easy thing to write about but this post is really about the belated maybe birthday gift #technobaby got.…

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WordPress Wednesday: Massive Google Doc Phishing Attack

May 3, 2017

This WordPress Wednesday I want to share a threat very real for many WordPressers who take advantage of the expansive tools of Google Docs. This article outlines what the scam looks like and what to do if you have already clicked on the link. PSA: don’t click on random Google Doc links. A massive phishing…

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Tech Tuesday: Learning Fun 101 Summer Camps

April 25, 2017

#technobaby turned a 1 year old! For that reason last week was a little crazy prepping for his little party (and because I was overly excited it became a larger party). I am back though and hope to keep up with posts from now on. This post I want to do a little shout out…

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WordPress Wednesday – Women Who Code WordPress Workshop

April 5, 2017

This Saturday the local chapter of Women Who Code is hosting a WordPress workshop at WPEngine. Both #woodbytedad and I are presenting. My presentation is on Administrator Best Practices. If you want to go further all presentations are available at https://momte.ch/wwcmeetup How the WordPress CMS really Works : Sandi Batik Administrator Best Practices : Cousett Hoover…

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Tech Tuesday: Groceries made easy

March 14, 2017

This Tech Tuesday I wanted to feature a service possible with technology that makes life so much easier! I discovered this a few weeks ago and it is my new favorite thing. In my new role in motherhood one of the things that I did not expect would be so difficult is grocery shopping. I…

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Photo a Day 7. fashion

February 7, 2017

Made it to day 7! Fashion. Greatest fashion is free company t-shirt and a hoodie!

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Thoughts on CES New Tech Gadgets

January 9, 2017

Project Nursery First up in the baby tech we saw Project Nursery who offered a wide selection of gadgets for the nursery. This had us really excited because among their products they had an amazing baby monitor that not only could you view through wifi on your phone but it also had portable screen with…

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CES Here We Come!

January 5, 2017

CES here we come!! Yes in less than 24 hours we will be on our way to Las Vegas! Sin City and the home for several days to the best and latest gadgets for 2017. We are so excited. I will be exploring all the #babytech and #familytech that has been developed and set to…

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Best Black Friday Deals for Baby

November 23, 2016

Do you want to get that latest toy for your little one and think Black Friday might be the day to catch that deal of the lifetime. Here are some deals I found for the hotest toys and baby gadgets this coming Friday. There is the Black Friday site that has all of the ads,…

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