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Ultimate Mompreneur 2020 Calendar Planning Guide

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There are less than 60 days left in 2019! Now is the time to get organized and start planning out 2020. Get the free printable calendar to organize everything from content, birthdays, holidays and everything in between!

Techie Mamma

My son is getting more into Ninja Turtles and if you watch the movie or show they go into the origin story for how they became these characters. Every superhero has a unique origin story from Batman to Superman. I have been thinking a lot and I think every Mompreneur owned business also has an origin story. Think about it is there an origin to the reason you are doing this? Do you have a story behind your passion? I know for me that it includes the ups and downs of motherhood and being more than just mom and identifying myself with my business and blog. Going from academic employee to Ph.D. student to wife to mom in the course of 7 years and leaving behind my work hat and student hat to be at home with my boys. Mommying is hard and we are awesome for wanting to pursue our passions while mommying. Think about your own Origin Story as you go into planning for 2020.

Content Planning for 2020

If you are running a blog there are so many things to think about. I haven’t been blogging consistently for long but one thing I learned quickly is Google likes consistency. Depending on the age of your blog you might decide to blog weekly or monthly. The past several months I’ve managed to do twice a week and although I think that was a great way to get lots of content it was a constant struggle to get things published in time. In 2020, my content plan is to publish high-quality content once a week. In a few years, I may only need new content a couple of times a month or once a month. I love producing content but in an effort to maintain more balance between my service-based business, blog and of course all other mommy duties, changing this schedule is essential.

Tricks for Finding Balance in 2020

Finding a balance between my kiddos and wanting to be with them all the time, my business and my blog is a constant challenge. I have mastered a few tricks to try to maintain that peaceful balance.

  1. Take the Get Chaos Organized course by Kristine Beaves. She is a fellow mom and blogger and has some great tips for getting organized and finding balance.
  2. Time Block your day and week. We all have activities that we do every day a routine with your kiddos and yourself. Figure these out and figure out the breaks and where you can make time for your blogging or business. Make those times super productive! Check out my free download time block template!
  3. Group tasks together. Find tasks that are similar and have a block of time that is just for this type of task. This is a new one for me but a real time saver. It takes a bit to get used to but once you get in the habit it will help a lot. When I work with clients, I do things like maintenance on 25+ sites at the same time. My mind is in that zone and I can do it in one sitting. If your mind is in a graphic zone get graphics done for 3-5 posts all at once.
  4. Be creative. Get childcare help if you can but when that is tough go to your local YMCA and have child watch give you two hours of work time, find a play area that is a coffee shop as well and work a bit while kiddos play. This is probably not the most ideal things to do but in a crunch, it will help.

Going Back to Your Origin Story

Just as we look to the superhero origin stories to understand better where they came from and why they do the things that they do, think of your origin story. What has brought you to this place? Why do you want your blog and business to succeed? We all have our origin stories of why we are doing this, for some, it might be financial, others a passion. Know your Origin Story and know your mission and have that at the core of what you do. Mompreneur starts with mom and that is at the core of who we are. For many, we are working from home so we can spend more time and flexibility with our kids. Remember, mommying is hard and you are awesome for wanting to pursue your passions while mommying. Think about your own Origin Story as you go into planning for 2020.

Plan your 2020 Now

Calendar 2020
Free Printable 2020 Calendar

Let’s move into 2020 with a 20/20 vision. Knowing our origin story in our hearts and ready to pursue our passions! Use this free printable calendar to get everything mapped out before the new year is upon us. Add in your special dates, holidays and all your content that you are going to promote. Have everything that is important on one calendar so you don’t have to reference multiple calendars every day.

2020 Printable Calendar Planner

Download the gorgeous 2020 monthly planner and start planning next year now!

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Calendar 2020 Printable

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