Watch Me Grow – Growth Charts Make the Best Gifts

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It’s always so hard to believe how quickly your kids grow up. It still feels like yesterday that I brought home our first son, #techkidalex, and almost 3 years later, he’s an older brother and what started as a family of two on our wedding day has doubled in size. Maybe I’m a little in awe too because we are coming up on our 5 year anniversary.

How do we measure growth? We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, we take photos and look back, we see sizes of clothes change and kids grow out of a particular size. All wellness checks at the doctor start with a check on weight and height. Like weight, one traditional way to measure growth is by height. We measure height and little by little we grow and can measure up to the minimum requirements set by Disney and others to enjoy a particular ride.

Most of us would agree that our little ones seem to sprout up overnight — ever so quickly! Having a growth chart is not only a great way to mark those height milestones, but it also gives us an opportunity to record those milestones and appreciate how fast it is happening.

Door Jam Growth Charts

Did you have a door frame in your childhood home where you were measured and you awed at just how much you have grown each time? At one time when homes were passed down generations, those marks could be an heirloom to leave for future generations. Nowadays, we move so much it’s hard to take those frames with us. Artistic growth charts in all kinds of designs and styles let us take this nostalgic tradition with us every time we move.

If you are crafty and have the time, money and energy for a DIY project then there are plenty of pins out there to help you get started creating your growth chart.

I am not that person! I am not crafty don’t have the supplies for DIY and want something that will look professional and not like a Pinterest fail. These growth charts are something I want to be able to give my boys or still have when my boys are grown and out of the house. My hubby can still go back to his parents’ house and see the growth chart that they grew up with on the inside of one of their door frames. I want something that will be similar for years to come.

They Grow So Fast

Luckily there is just a company that creates all kinds of growth charts in over 50 styles and they customize the growth charts with your kiddos names! Thoughtful Inspirations has a number of unique personalized gifts for yourself or others.

Martian Men Growth Chart
Martian Men Height Chart

The plan for our family is to combine the boys into one room for several years so that we can have a nice playroom as well. These growth charts will make a great addition to their redecorated room and personalize their room in a unique way. Check out the growth charts they are affordable, professional and personalized. I was able to find styles for both boys. The big boy we themed with robots since before he was born (we are a techie family after all) and our second son we themed with bears, especially panda bears. I was able to find two growth charts that perfectly matched their styles.

Panda Growth Chart
Hanging Boy Pandas Height Chart

These charts also make great gifts for all the kiddos in your life. Have a baby shower you need a unique gift for, or a birthday for a little one, a niece or nephew that you want to get a special gift for? They are also perfect for all occasions, birthdays, showers, Easter, Christmas all the celebrations and holidays we celebrate.

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Disclaimer: I worked in partnership with Thoughtful Inspirations to do this growth chart review. All photos and opinions are 100% my own.

Watch Me Grow - Growth Charts Make the Best Gifts

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