10 Effortless Dinosaur Pool Party Ideas

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My baby boy is entering yet another year of toddlerhood. I can’t believe he is turning three! We are throwing him a three-surous pool party because this boy also loves the water and swimming!

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Party planning is hard though! There is so much to think about so many details. The last few have left me so high string that I have a hard time enjoying the day.

This year I convinced myself that I was going to try to make it as easy as possible. I have two now and I want to enjoy these milestones not dread them by overthinking everything.

I wanted a pool party because my big boy loves water and I think it would be fun to splash around with a bunch of kiddos and hey in April you can’t count on being outdoors so we would have to do it somewhere where they help you out like Emler where we swim or the YMCA.

After some research and weighing the pros and cons we are doing a two hour pool party at Emler Swim School! Woohoo!

1. A Gigantosaurus Venue

We love Emler! Both boys have been swimming there since last September non-stop. Baby boy has been swimming since his 2 month birthday in Bathtime Babies and then just recently graduated to Waterbabies. Big boy has graduated all the way to their 4th level class Extreme Waterbabies. Both boys can hold their breath for 3-5 seconds. I just am awed by how much they can do at a young age.

With the Emler pool party you have access to their awesome completely indoor and heated pool! They also have tables and chairs set up for food and celebrating time. With an Emler pool party, they make everything so easy. They have a lifeguard there to take care of the kiddos should they need it. They have a host that will help out with decorations etc. and welcome guests! If needed you can also have a Pool Buddy that will be in the pool playing and leading games with the kiddos. They are just amazing. All our teachers at the Round Rock and Austin area Emler Swim Schools are just incredible.

2. Pool Party Pfun

So pool party we need some toys and the more themed the better. Searching around I found some awesome ones. 3 foot inflatable T-Rex anybody!?

3. Celebrating Essentials

You can’t be without plates and napkins for the festive occasion! After all you need something to serve the cake on. I love the non-character prices.

4. Dino Decorations

What is a party without decorations? These dino decorations are worth a roar and hoot. From birthday banners to piñatas to 3D light up dinosaurs. There are decorations everything! Great prices too.

5. Rawr-Worthy Party Favors

My favorite part of the party is the party favors. They are so much fun to give away and although they are just little trinkets, I think they remind us just how little kiddos need to find some joy.

Since we are doing a pool party and summer is just around the corner. I think we are going to have beach buckets filled with some beach goodies and some dino fun. Check out the dinosaur squirters that can be used year-round for bathtime.

6. Rumble Towards the Camera

Parties these days always include a photo booth. It is a great way to make some great silly memories and play dress up which kiddos always like to do. There are some great backdrops and prop sets available all with the dino theme.

7. Birthday Worthy Gifts

The party isn’t finished without some new goodies for the birthday kiddo. Here are some of the items on #techkidalex wish list. Can you tell a theme?!

Letter Matching Fun and Dinosaurs!!

8. T-Rex of To Do Lists

Gotta keep everything organized right? This Trello board adapted from a template has everything you need to get everything setup for your party. Trello is free and an awesome tool to organize all your thoughts in Kanban style. Sign up today!

Trello Board

9. Special Hoot for Online Invites

Emler is so cool! In addition to all the other perks they provide, they also have their own branded online invitations through Punchbowl. How cool is that?! No need to go and customize a card or design one just plugin in guests and go! I love this!

Punchbowl has partner venues not just with Emler but with popular party places like Gymboree, Legoland, Chuck E. Cheese’s and many others.

They also have an awesome selection of character branded cards. If you have a party you are hosting even if it is not at a venue, these online cards are the way to go! They take care of RSVPs, even keep track of kiddos vs. adults! Thank you! They also can send the invites via text message or email. In this day in age that is awesome because who checks their email anymore? The best thing is that they are free! They do have limited ads that can be easily removed with their platinum subscriptions.

10. Snarly Cakes!

What is a party without cake!? There are some amazing designs when it comes to Dinosaur cakes. I have a lovely friend and fellow mompreneuer that does amazing cakes that omit all the common allergens so it is super safe for all the kiddos. Check out Que Bueno Bakery in you are in the Austin area for some great custom cakes.

What are your favorite things to do for parties? Planning parties can be fun but it is a lot of work. Hopefully these tips will get you on your way if you are having a dino themed party!