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“I am first a mom to my little munchkin #technobaby. As a first time mom I am learning so much and have much to write about as I navigate these new waters. I also own with my husband a Web Development company, DC Sites. For DC Sites I am a Code Artist.”

First time mom to #technobaby and techie developer, code artist, I created this site to post everything from cool gadgets that make life as a mom easier to memories of fun times together as a family and everything in between.

I am married to a wonderful husband who is very involved as a dad. He is also very much a techie so we have become a very tech family. We gave our son an old phone at 3 months and tell Alexa everything to play a song to turn off / on lights, etc. Tech is deeply engrained in my family and we have learned quickly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to baby. Social media is big in this arena so I invite you to view my pinterest, twitter, and instagram feeds.


Please add comments or send me your ideas on what I should write about. I hope to provide other new moms and maybe some veteran moms some new tricks or gadgets that will make life as a mommy that much better and a bit easier. Thank you for viewing my site.

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