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If you need help, contact me. I have flexible plans, memberships, courses, and just plain old neighborly help. I love meeting other mompreneurs and invite you to join me!

Membership & Courses

The Tribe membership offers three levels of services to up-level your business with technology. First, subscribe to the Tribe that is a collection of all the courses you will ever need to master the ever-changing technology for your business. Second, combine this with anxiety-calming services to keep your WordPress site up to date and humming without issues. Additionally, get discounted prices for more development services.


“Cousett is a literal genius when it comes to website design and troubleshooting! She was able to help me create multiple categories for my blog section so readers can easily select what topic they are interested in and read just those related posts! While she was there, she also made recommendations to optimize my site, so it would load faster! AND she was able to help me understand what a PHP is and how to update mine! I can manage the writing portion, but all the website stuff is like a foreign language, and Cousett does an incredible job of helping out with every issue I have encountered! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! ”

My Story

“I am Cousett @ Techie Mamma! I teach DIY Mompreneurs on how to maximize technology through tech coaching. With my help, Mompreneurs can maximize their business, live the lifestyle they want, and contribute something special with amazing technology.”