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What I do​

Techie Mamma involves several different services, products, and community. Check out more and explore the additional websites for the Tribe, Shop, and Web Design Services. 

I Coach

My services involve coaching mompreneurs in a variety of topics. I focus on technology and have created a membership where you can finally gain the confidence to run your business with the best technology and automation. 

I Speak

I contribute to the mompreneur community with speaking engagements in various topics. I also contribute on a regular basis to the WordPress community by speaking at WordCamps, and local meetups. If you are interested in inviting me to speak, please contact me. 

I Write

As a blogger for the past 5+ years, I have a wealth of resources, tutorials, and more at your disposal. Check out my blog with my major categories including business, raising kids, WordPress, app reviews, and more. 

I Design

I have 15+ experience designing and developing WordPress websites. I can do everything from a simple website to a super complex membership and course site and everything in between. Check out my prepackaged deals or contact me for a custom quote.

Need Advice?​

If you need help, contact me. I have flexible plans, memberships, courses, and just plain old neighborly help. I love meeting other mompreneurs and invite you to join me!

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My Membership & Courses​

The Tribe membership offers three levels of services to up-level your business with technology. First, subscribe to the Tribe that is a collection of all the courses you will ever need to master the ever-changing technology for your business. Second, combine this with anxiety-calming services to keep your WordPress site up to date and humming without issues. Additionally, get discounted prices for more development services.

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Latest from the Blog

Google Docs Hacks You Can’t Live Without

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If you are an avid Google Doc user, you know just how powerful Google has been able to take the world of word processing to the web. These Google Doc hacks are some of my favorite for giving Google Docs an efficient power up. Remember to use these Google Doc hacks for good because with great power comes great responsibility.

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Trolley Image by Jim Ellwanger

Daniel Tiger Pandemic Birthday Celebration

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Here we are in July, and the news is grimmer than ever. Especially in the US, especially in Texas. Which means I have another little guy who is going to celebrate his birthday during this global pandemic. This guy is turning two and I want to do something special as well. Encouraged by my last attempt, obsession with Daniel Tiger, lots of Katarina Kitty Kat here come!

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Best Mompreneur Sites for Free Bold Stock Photos

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Browsing blogs do you see photos that you wish you could get on your site? Do you get photo envy when you go to other mompreneur websites and think wow where do I get that photo?! I do! And you know what? Do you want bold and styled photos that are new and fresh? There are so many sites now available here’s a list of the best places to go for free stock images.

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“Cousett is a literal genius when it comes to website design and troubleshooting! She was able to help me create multiple categories for my blog section so readers can easily select what topic they are interested in and read just those related posts! While she was there, she also made recommendations to optimize my site, so it would load faster! AND she was able to help me understand what a PHP is and how to update mine! I can manage the writing portion, but all the website stuff is like a foreign language, and Cousett does an incredible job of helping out with every issue I have encountered! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! ”

-Growing Our Family Podcast

My Story

"I am Cousett @ Techie Mamma! I teach DIY mompreneurs on how to maximize technology through tech coaching. With my help, mompreneurs can maximize their business, live the lifestyle they want, and contribute something special with amazing technology."

Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Goals In The Right Ways.​