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"I am Cousett @ Techie Mamma! I teach DIY mompreneurs on how to maximize technology through tech coaching. With my help, mompreneurs can maximize their business, live the lifestyle they want, and contribute something special with amazing technology."

I am a mom of two young boys. I help mompreneurs get their website designed and developed. I help with small business tools like mailing lists, CRM systems, and social media management. I help with all things tech that can be time-consuming and intensive for small businesses. I blog at https://techiemamma.com writing about WordPress, tech, and mommying with a techie twist.

I am married to a wonderful husband who is very involved as a dad. He is also very much a techie so we have become a very tech family. We gave our son an old phone at 3 months and tell Alexa everything to play a song to turn off / on lights, etc. Tech is deeply engrained in my family and we have learned quickly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to our small family. Social media is big in this arena so I invite you to view my Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

Please add comments or send me your ideas on what I should write about. I hope to provide other new moms and maybe some veteran moms some new tricks or gadgets that will make life as a mommy that much better and a bit easier. Thank you for viewing my site.

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