2 Things To Watch For When You Are A Busy Mom

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As a mom, you are busy. You do your best, but sometimes things fall short or go unnoticed. Consider the following thoughts on ways to observe and take notice of your children to see if any areas in their lives may require intervention or a little extra TLC.

Speech Patterns and Potential Difficulties

All kids start the process of speaking with some sweet mispronounced words. While this is endearing when they are little, it can become problematic for them as they grow. Take time to observe your child. It is easy to miss signs of concern as you are accustomed to hearing your kidโ€™s speech patterns many times a day.

Whether you have already identified an issue or have recently noticed one, it is important to contact a qualified speech therapist such as the ones at Physio Inq. They will talk with you and listen to your concerns. A therapist will meet with you and your child to assess their speech in a warm and friendly environment.

After the assessment, the speech therapist will recommend a comprehensive treatment plan based on the results. They will guide your child through the process with caring and warmth.

Reading Ability and Comprehension

You read to your little one many times a day when they were younger. Often it was the same delightful book over and over again. They seemed to memorize the story and then associate the words with the sounds you were making. This helped with their initial reading abilities and being able to connect the alphabet and words to sounds.

At some point, parents read less to their children, but reading is still as important. This is natural as life moves at a rapid pace. Additionally, children progress from simple board books to longer and more complex stories that they tend to read silently on their own.

To gauge how your older child, tween, or teen is reading now find an age-appropriate book for them. Select a book or series with a subject matter that interests them. Create a new tradition where you spend the last 30 minutes or so before they turn in at bedtime to read aloud together. You can start with the first chapter and then alternate every other chapter with your child. 

This arrangement will give you the chance to assess their reading ability as well as their overall comprehension level. Talk to them about exciting parts that have been read and discuss what they predict will happen next in the storyline. Share your favorite characters or moments in the narrative.

If you have a concern, discuss it with their educator and determine whether intervention is necessary. If no issues are noted, you simply get to engage in fun bonding time with your loved one.

Watch this video with your child for motivation and inspiration from a young student who shares her love of reading.