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Camping is one of those things that has gone out of favor for many kids. But it’s so important for us to bring camping back, not just because it gets our kids out into nature, but because there are some fantastic benefits our children can reap from camping. If you’re looking to raise more strong-minded children, here are four ways camping can help.

It Teaches Survival Skills

We have got so comfortable in the modern world that the very notion of survival is an alien concept for most of us, and the best way to start is by going camping out in nature. But it’s important to remember that you should be adequately equipped. Websites like are fantastic for an abundance of camping gear. For the benefit of our children, learning survival tactics takes them beyond what they think they are capable of.

It’s Great for Their Mental Health

Camping is an amazing tool for their mental health. Children can feel more empowered by being out in nature, it builds their self-esteem, not to mention the fact that being out in nature is naturally great for our mental health anyway. The article on shows why we should start our day outside, and it’s a very simple lesson that we can all benefit from. If you want to have greater mental health, you may want to start camping more often.

It Builds Respect for Nature

What better way to learn about nature than to be in it? From the perspective of our children who spend a lot of time at home in front of video games, that respect for nature is a very important lesson in the modern world. Your children might be learning all about sustainability when they are in school but because the school environment doesn’t necessarily hammer the point home or your children are forced to learn about it, they disengage from the subject matter. Having your children spend time out in nature by themselves and coming to their own conclusions that nature is something that should be respected is vital. Having your children be more at one with nature or spending a little bit more time outside than they are used to should cultivate that all-important respect for nature.

It Helps Everyone Unplug

We can worry until we are blue in the face about keeping our children safe online, but the great benefit of going camping is that everybody gets to unplug from life. There can be a big adjustment period where children are stuck to their devices even though they are outside, but when they go out of signal or the batteries die, this is when they’ve got no choice but to start thinking their own thoughts and paying more attention to everything. It happens naturally, but being out in nature and camping is something that we should all remember is a fantastic way to experience nature,  but it can also provide a thorough foundation for strong children, in mind and in body.