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Working in the Streets of Cuba
Small Business

How to Master the Art of Making Your Home Business Look Professional

Running a business from home is becoming increasingly common, and why not? The perks are undeniable: zero commute, flexibility, and the comfort of your own space. Plus, it gives you a chance to take care of your little ones and have a better bonding experience with them. However, there's often ...
Working in the Streets of Cuba
Small Business

How to Upgrade Your Back Office for Smooth Operation

In the business world, the back office is often going unnoticed, working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to ensure business runs smoothly.
Three persons sitting on the stairs talking with each other
Modus Vivendi

Ready, Set, University: How to Prepare Your Child for the Next Chapter

When your child gets ready for university, it is important to give them the things they will need for success. Going from high school to college can be scary, but if you prepare well, it might also become an exciting and satisfying time in life.
Crop glad woman with dried flowers box leaving floristry store
Small Business

Advice For Creating Gift Items For Your Customers

It would be a mistake to think that those who buy your products are automatically the targeted audience for it. After all, a grown man purchasing a Disney Princess doll for his niece might not be the target audience you should shift all your promotional efforts towards, but they are ...
walk of fame, hollywood, stars
Digital Marketing

How to Make it as a Big Star with Branded Links

First came bit.ly, then rebrand.ly and now pxl.to is my favorite. They all do the same thing - make long links, short!
First published March 23, 2021
Modus Vivendi

Balancing Family and Adventure: Essential Advice for Mom Digital Nomads

Being a mother and a computerized traveler can offer an extraordinary mix of difficulties and potential open doors in the present powerful world.
Son and mother watching tv together while sitting on couch
Modus Vivendi

Why TV Doesn’t Have To Be A Bad Thing For Kids

If you think of TV and kids, you’ll probably have a negative idea in your head - after all, aren’t we meant to be reducing kids’ screen time and making sure they go outside more often and move around a lot more? 
woman using laptop while sitting on chair
Digital Marketing

Mastering the Art of Choosing Affiliate Products for Passive Income

Choosing good products is the first step to becoming an effective affiliate marketer. A good product makes it much easier to be successful. Find a popular niche and good products. Before you know it, you’ll be making a killing in the world of affiliate marketing.