5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your New Course-Based Business

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The personal education business is going through a revolution. People are looking for courses that will help them improve their lives, become more productive, and live more happily. 

With that said, many people looking to get into the industry are running into trouble. While they can see the opportunities in front of them, they’re not doing a good job of capitalizing on the gains.

In this post, we take a look at some of the mistakes you’re making in your new course-based business and how you can eliminate them. Are you getting any of the following things wrong?

Failing To Use An Online Course Platform

You can run courses over Zoom ad-hoc or in person, but making ends meet is challenging. You’re always prospecting for new customers and trying to find ways to get people interested in your course and what you’re doing. 

With platforms, though, it is much easier to advertise. Plus, you can bulk sell, meaning that you can teach large groups of people all in one go instead of many smaller groups, as you would in person. This gives you an opportunity to make much more money per hour worked than you possibly could under a conventional setup. 

Launching Without Building Your Review Score First

Before you go all-out and start spending your life savings on marketing, collect some reviews first to prove that your business has what it takes to succeed and deliver what people want. Having reviews in place makes it significantly easier to attract new students and get them to sign up for your course. 

Failing To Build A Personal Page

While platforms are great tools for sharing with others, personal pages also help a great deal. Companies like WebX360 recommend them to anyone looking to set up a solo coaching business or sell their credentials online. 

Failing To Add Easy, Upfront Payment

When it comes to online courses, you want to make sure that you have an upfront payment model in place. Waiting around for customers to pay after the course finishes is a recipe for disaster and can leave you in financial difficulty. People might not pay at all and chasing them up is nearly impossible.

Today, building payment gateways is easy. You just sign up for an existing service and it’ll take payments for you, paying them into your bank account like a regular merchant account system. 

You Don’t Have An FAQ Section

Building an FAQ section is a simple task and something that every budding course provider should do. However, not every educator does it, and that’s problematic. 

Building FAQ pages is easy but you’ll need to make sure that you answer the right questions. The best way to do this is to write answers to the questions participants ask you personally. If you’re struggling to find answers, see what questions people are typing into Google about your course in the search bar. Then create detailed answers that will show up in search results whenever they type in relevant questions.