5 RSIs To Avoid As A Copywriter

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Have hand cramps or neck strain that could be some RSIs getting to you!

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RSIs (repetitive strain injuries) are aches and pains that occur as a result of repeatedly straining a certain part of the body. It’s possible to develop RSIs in most occupations. Below are a few examples of specific RSIs that Mompreneurs, writers, bloggers, etc. are at risk of developing (and how to prevent them).

Writer’s Cramp

Writer’s cramp is a pain in the fingers, hand and wrist that occurs while using a pen. It can occur after using a pen for a long period of time and can turn into a long-term injury if ignored. In most cases, writer’s cramp is actually caused by not holding a pen properly or holding one’s arm or wrist at an awkward angle (such as writing on a notepad in a cramped environment). Try to always get comfortable while writing and make sure you are holding a pen correctly. Most copywriters are unlikely to develop writer’s cramp nowadays as most writing tasks are done on a computer keyboard, however those who are constantly taking down handwritten notes may be at risk. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a pain  caused by pressure on a nerve in the wrist. Many repeated activities are known to put people at risk including drumming, using certain power tools and typing on a computer keyboard. You can prevent yourself from developing this RSI by making sure that your keyboard is at the right height (ideally slightly below your elbows) and that you’re taking regular 5 minute breaks from typing.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is often caused by poor posture while sitting at a desk. If you’re constantly perched on the edge of your chair and leaning forward, you could find that you start to develop regular lower back pain. Try to sit back while typing and make sure that your keyboard is not too low while typing so that you don’t have to lean forward. Consider buying a new desk if your current desk is too low. A comfortable chair that offers back support could also help to prevent this RSI – you can buy office chairs and educational furniture for studying at sites like Civic Australia

Tech Neck

Constantly craning your neck could also lead to an RSI that is informally known as ‘tech neck’. This is most common among smartphone users, however can also develop while using a laptop (especially when lying down in bed or on a sofa with a laptop). Try to avoid tech neck by not craning neck for long periods while using devices. Sit up straight and make sure your screen is at the right height. 

Computer Vision Syndrome

Staring at a screen for too long can cause a condition known as CVS (computer vision syndrome). This can result in blurred vision, itchy eyes, fatigue, insomnia and a headache. CVS is a result of prolonged blue light exposure combined with lack of blinking. There are a few ways to reduce CVS including regularly giving your eyes a break from the screen and using blue light blocking glasses (such as these pairs at Good Housekeeping). If you often work in the evenings, it could also be worth looking into programs that can reduce blue light levels to reduce symptoms like insomnia.