5 Top Tips To Reduce The Stress of Moving For Your Kids

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There’s no denying it. Moving house is a stressful game. It’s easy to lose your head with so many moving plates and checklists to keep on top of. And if it’s stressful for us, there’s no doubt that it’s stressful for our kids. 

It might sound like a massive mountain to climb. To keep your kids happy and get everything done when moving home. But it’s simpler than you think. And these 5 top tips will help you reduce the stress a big move can have on your little ones. 

1. Discuss The Move

Often, we don’t give our kids credit where it’s due. It’s easy to think that they’re oblivious to the goings-on around them. But they’re more astute than you might think. And even little ones will have an idea something big is going on when you’re moving home. 

Children listen to everything. Even the conversations we think they can’t hear! So it’s likely that they’ve picked up an idea of what’s going on. Especially if you’re anxious about it because they’ll be able to read your mood. Get ahead of this by bringing them into the fold. Openly discuss the move with them, no matter their age. If your kids are really young, use lego or pictures to illustrate what will happen during the move. 

2. Involve Your Child

There’s always a lot to do when moving house. And often, it has to be done on a strict timescale. So getting kids involved can seem counterintuitive because they might take longer than you with some tasks. But getting them involved is integral to reducing their stress. That’s because it stops them from feeling left behind. 

Give them simple tasks that make them a vital part of the family team. For example, get them labeling boxes or pack up their own things with older kids. It shares the load out in the long run and will make your life easier. 

3. Keep Their Stuff

A new home is often a good excuse for a completely fresh slate. It’s a simple way to get rid of the old and usher in the new. But for kids, this can throw them for a loop. Because getting rid of everything they love and recognize will leave them feeling like they are in a new and alien place. And that’s likely to cause stress.

So while you might want a fresh start, limit that to your things. And ensure that you keep as much of their stuff as possible. Make their new room as close to their old one as possible. These everyday items will go a long way to making them feel at home in their new house. 

4. Stay In Touch

If you’re moving a distance from your old stomping ground, keeping in touch with family and friends likely won’t be as simple as it once was. And the same goes for your kids. The loss of their old friends will feel huge for them and making new ones can feel overwhelming. 

Help ease this pain by making a point of staying in touch with old friends. Set up playdates via Zoom and reassure your kids that the move doesn’t mean they lose old friends. They’ll be able to keep them and make new ones along the way! 

5. Recognize Your Stress

Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Kids are really good at picking up on our emotions. And though they might not understand it all, your stress can rub off on them. Make a point of expressing all the things you’re excited about the move rather than focussing on the struggles. 

There’s no denying that moving home is stressful. But you can mitigate some of those stresses by staying in the know. If you’re worried about your mortgage or need more support, head to fha faqs for answers to your many questions. Reducing your stress will work wonders for your kids. 

Wrapping Up

Like when buying a new car, buying a new home comes with a massive list of concerns to consider. When it comes to your next move, take the stress it causes your child into account. Often they aren’t sure what’s happening. And the move can lead to a loss of contact with close friends and family. 

While moving home can be as much of a stress for our kids as it is for us, there are simple actions we can take to reduce that stress. Making sure they’re an integral part of the family machine by bringing them into the fold shows them it will be okay. And ensuring their new space feels as close to their old one as possible will help them settle much quicker.