7 Tips for Organizing Your Kids’ Shared Room

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Even the most cordial of siblings might struggle in a shared area, whether because you need to conserve space, your family has recently welcomed a new baby, or your children genuinely want to share a bedroom. As a parent, you want to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to ensure your kids are happy with their new shared room. We’re here to help you with our list of 7 tips for organizing your kids’ shared room in a trendy manner while preserving space and keeping the peace between siblings.

Personalize the room

Two little boys dressed as Spiderman and Aquaman.

Let each child express their unique personality with bedding that incorporates their favorite characters or in their preferred colors. Then, decide on decor items to place strategically throughout the room to finish the look. You might find two very different bed sets in an interesting room that children ages 5 and 2 might share. Bright pennant garland, colorful vintage artwork, inventive storage, and a subtle yet striking backdrop of black walls can bring everything together. Be open to playing around with two distinct styles that would match each kid’s character.

Personalize the space by including unique components for each child. The outcome could be a unified room while also allowing the youngsters some uniqueness. That’s what childhood should be about โ€“ being original in their wacky ways.

Divide the space with useful storage

In addition to letting kids express their personalities, giving each child a space of their own

may prevent fights. Dividing a room in a way that is functional for both children while keeping the entire space clutter-free is something that will mean a lot to your kids and yourself. Experts at Heavenly Moving and Storage can offer their professional advice when organizing your room most efficiently. They can help you move and store things your kids eventually outgrow and want out of their room.

To prevent a quarrel regarding the organization, designate areas for clothing, shoes, toys, books, and other possessions. Making sure there is no misunderstanding might occasionally be the most straightforward approach to stop arguing over possessionsColor labeling everything is the easy fix for this! Each child’s things are given a color, eliminating any possibility of owner confusion. Which means NO FIGHTING for you!

Show off each child’s treasured belongings on the open shelves

Open shelving eliminates the need to keep everything in one place, which is a godsend in a room filled to the brim with the possessions of several children. Give each youngster free rein over their own set of shelves and embrace orderly chaos. They are free to display any items they like, including their favorite books, plush animals, trinkets, and other things. When your kids are sharing a room, enabling them to keep their treasured possessions in sight makes it easier for them to adapt to their shared living space.

Bring the closet into order

There isn’t much space in a room with many kids, especially for a dresser. Don’t shy away from using hanging racks and shelves to make a closet organizer for your kids. Separating their clothing makes getting dressed simple, and the clear organization makes housekeeping easy when the day is done. And that’s something that can definitely make your life easier.

Rotate used items

With several children in the home, hand-me-downs are essential for preserving money. There will always be breaks in the cycle, but it would be ideal if siblings could coordinate their growth spurts. One could take over a T-shirt once the first no longer wants, or can’t, wear it. 

Place these goods in out-of-the-way, easily accessible boxes and containers until the younger sibling can wear the older one’s clothes. Both under the bed and on high closet shelves are excellent places to store unused stuff. Organize clothes in cloth bins in different colors or shelves; these are practical solutions can prevent unnecessary cluttering in your kids’ bedroom.

Make two distinct areas inside a same room

How many arguments have you broken up because someone was on “the wrong side” of the room? If your children are complaining about having to share a room, make them both happy by setting up two entirely separate areas.You can divide spaces without ever building a wall. You can create two separate rooms by visually dividing the space with wallpaper, paintings, or decorations that are in sharp contrast to one another. To establish limits in your children’s shared room, you can use a curtain, a bookshelf, a desk, or simply a plain screen.

Simplify the area

A messy and overcrowded kids' room

One of the main issues with shared rooms is that they may get exceedingly crowded, chaotic, and untidy. You can avoid many issues if you keep the goods and dรฉcor straightforward, tidy, and organized.

Ensure that every toy you bring into the space has a designated position. Clothing follows the same rule: one in, one out. Every season, sort through and remove anything that is damaged, no longer fits, or they no longer adore. Simplifying the room also makes it safer, especially for young kids, which every parent pays special attention to.

7 tips for organizing your kids’ shared room: The Takeaway

One helpful tip for organizing your kids' shared room is to let them have a pillow fight from time to time, just like these boys in the picture.

We hope you’ll find some or all of these tips helpful and applicable when organizing your kids’ shared room. Bear in mind that kids can and will quickly adapt if you give them some time and a little nudge in the form of some of the above advice. Whatever the case – don’t forget to have fun and use this situation as an opportunity to bond with your kids more.