A Great Structure Will See Your E-commerce Through This Crisis

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E-commerce is the number one business type many moms/entrepreneurs are running.

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It’s an online business that has elements of the real world, such as warehouse storage, drop-shipping etc. What is often a challenge for many mompreneurs is formulating a structure that will allow their e-commerce website to function and grow at the same time. This includes many things such as integrated and connected networks, management software of tasks, marketing and storage, as well as social media. These concerns will only have been made more troubling due to the lockdown crisis. 

Micro-business TMS

As a mompreneur, you probably fall under the category of micro-business. If it’s just you, no full-time employees and maybe a few freelancers, you are classed as a micro-business. Yet, your task management software has to be on par with the industry standard. Just because you’re small in stature, doesn’t mean you make lesser products or services than your larger competitors. However, you don’t have the same budget as them either. Your options are therefore limited but you can still have a great TMS. Monday is a project management software that is a cloud-based system. You can use it anywhere at any time, which is great for mompreneurs who travel and take care of the kids. On the other hand, Smartsheet is a simpler web-based software which has a very easy to follow design. The user experience might be better but you don’t have as many features as Monday.

A protection well-needed

A business network can range from servers, hard drives, firewalls, cloud systems, password gateways, management software and an array of profiles and accounts on various platforms. This leaves a lot of openings that hackers and malware can try to force open. When you’re a mompreneur, it can be difficult to monitor every single potential chink in your armor, which is why companies such as eSudo Technology Solutions, Inc are so popular with people in your category. One of their features is network security, which protects against hackers but also viruses, spam emails, spyware, etc. Thanks to their 24/7 365 days-a-year monitoring, even if you are successfully attacked, they prevent downtime as much as possible. This ensures your systems will be up and running usually in a few hours.

An SEO plan-of-action

Marketing is the number one priority for any type of business right now. Nothing has changed internally in terms of your drive and capability, it’s just, no one is living a normal life anymore. People aren’t as readily buying as before, but millions of people are still browsing. Hiring an SEO company to release effective content should be your go-to strategy. You need backlinks, off-site links, inbound links and credible news sources talking about you. The type of content you want is specific, detailed and interesting objectives that you are currently completing or have planned. Consumers want to know what you’re doing behind-the-scenes as day-to-day life in business is a very popular genre for online media consumers.

A structured marketing plan will keep your name on the frontline during this lockdown. However, a network that is ready to go, protected and always improving, will maintain your vulnerable customer data.