Should You Get Life Insurance as a Self-Employed Business Owner?

While many do buy a health insurance policy, most self-employed business owners have to think twice about investing in one. After all, they already have to worry about paying employees, partners and the IRS, not to mention suppliers and vendors. Do they really need to shell out more cash for life insurance, too?

5 Work Hazards Around the Home

Many workplaces involve some amount of risk, and that goes for home workspaces, too. While working from home may seem tame compared to other places of work, it’s not entirely free of health and safety hazards.

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The 6 Best Ways to Stay in Touch While Keeping Your Distance

The novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted just about every aspect of life — whether it’s your personal or work dynamics. However, all hope is not lost. As you adapt to the new normal, you’ll notice the critical role technology plays to keep you in touch with your loved ones and colleagues.