Begin Your Child’s Educational Journey Before They Start School

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Starting school is a huge milestone in your child’s life and it’s a formative time when they will learn everything they need to know to navigate the world. But if you want to give them the best start in life, you should start their educational journey early. The classroom isn’t the only place where your child can learn important skills that will help them in later life and there are a lot of things that you can do at home. If you get their education started early, they will be better prepared for school and they will thrive once they get into the classroom. Here’s how to begin your child’s educational journey before they start school. 

Read To Them 

Reading and writing are some of the most important skills your child will learn once they start school. However, a lot of children find it difficult, so you should find ways to help their reading skills at home. Reading to them from a young age is a great way to get them interested in reading and writing and help improve their general skills. If you sit with them and follow along with your finger, they will begin to learn some of the letters and words. When they eventually start school, they will have a good base to work from and will come to them a lot easier. 

Play Educational Games 

Educational games are a brilliant way to get young kids interested in different subjects and teach them the basic concepts without overwhelming them. There are some great sites like Age of Learning with all sorts of educational games suited for children from the age of 2 upwards. These games are great fun and they don’t feel like school, so your child will engage with them and start learning without even realizing it. 

Go On Educational Family Trips 

Spending quality time with your family and taking trips together is very important, and you can use them as an opportunity to boost your child’s education. When you are planning trips, go to museums where you can learn about history in a fun way. Science museums are also a great way to get hands-on and get kids excited about science and math. You don’t have to make every family trip a learning experience, but when you are planning activities to do together, think about how they can help your child’s education. 

Join Clubs And Group Activities 

School isn’t just about learning in the classroom, it’s also about developing social skills and learning how to engage with others. This can be a difficult transition for children, so helping them learn those skills beforehand is very useful. Joining clubs and group activities with them is a good way to get them to meet more children and learn how to interact in a large group. Things like sports teams are a great way to teach your child about teamwork and social interaction, while also helping them stay healthy. 

Your child’s education doesn’t have to start at school. These are all great ways to begin their journey early and give them a head start.