Power of Color Organization for Moms

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Mom of Boys Hack
Busy moms need all the hacks they can get. Check out this one with color.

Ever since my youngest was born, I have been looking for ways to keep the two boys organized. Color organization fit the bill perfectly. Organize clothes, organize diapers, organize backpacks, and the list goes on, organize everything. This hack is the brainchild of my best friend and her four kiddos. Unleash the power of color with your kids.

After her second was born and when she was pregnant with her third, her younger son started liking the color green a lot. So much that he wanted everything green. Her older son wanted everything blue. So they naturally started color-coding themselves with their things. She ran with the idea when her third was born. This organization helped mom keep track of everything. The kids also loved associating themselves with color.

When my little guy started needing the same things as his big brother, I decided I also wanted to organize with color. My older guy has started really loving the color green, so my little guy became blue. The boys quickly have learned what items are theirs. We have two sets of headphones in the van, a blue one and a green one. All of their cups and utensils are divided by color. Even backpacks, big boy has a dragon theme that he loves and is green.

The color organization also looks kind of pretty when separated into bins.
The color organization also looks kind of pretty when separated into bins.

There are so many things that you can find in multiple color combinations. Usually blue and green for boys and pink and maybe purple for girls. These are some of my favorite items for the boys that come in a nice blue and green color selection.

This might sound a little too much type-A, but it has come in handy so much. Little guy, poor guy, got HMFD earlier this summer. The last thing we wanted was for big brother to get it. Luckily, with the color organization, it was super easy to keep all utensils and cups away from big brother and know which ones were extra germy.

Everyone has their favorite color, mine is red! Kids choose colors at an early age. Get organized with color! Ask your kids their favorite color and run with it. Do you have hacks that you love to stay organized? Share them in a comment below.