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eCommerce is one of the most welcoming fields anyone could work in because sellers have near-total control over how they operate. They get to choose what they sell, when they sell it, what they charge, how they market their stores, and how they handle their schedules.

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All of these advantages are increasingly attracting mompreneurs: moms who know they have the talent and dedication to balance looking after their kids with excelling in business.

Particularly given the global economic turbulence, there’s every reason for moms — even those with working partners — to seek further income. It isn’t easy to enter the online retail world, though, and having limited time and resources only make it harder. This is where it becomes so useful that the internet is full of convenient resources.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the best tools (well, tool types) available to aspiring eCommerce mompreneurs. Using these tools will make it easier for them to use their time effectively, keep stress at a minimum, and avoid burnout. Let’s get started.

Online communities

One of the best things about operating an online business is that the online world is packed with communities that anyone (or almost anyone) can join. These communities generally focus on specific areas or niches and are often full of successful professionals, making it possible to engage in worthwhile professional networking without needing to leave the house.

Some communities are free and revolve around mutual support and learning. A mompreneur could find such a community on a site like Reddit: a subreddit such as r/Entrepeneur can be very informative, for example. Others — like the Techie Mamma tribe — have paid membership but offer much more than just community support (everything from online courses to direct tech assistance when needed). Drawing upon these resources can be hugely beneficial.

Dropshipping services

If you’re totally unfamiliar with the dropshipping model, it’s the form of eCommerce that has the lowest barrier to entry. Instead of stocking products and shipping them out, it involves listing items from third-party suppliers (with profit margins tacked on) and passing any resulting orders back to those suppliers for fulfillment. You don’t need to do anything else: it’s that simple.

Dropshipping services are so useful for aspiring eCommerce mompreneurs because they allow incredible freedom to experiment with product types and brand images without having to spend a lot of money. They don’t need to use dropshipping indefinitely: they can, but they can also use it to test ideas before investing in those ideas for conventional eCommerce.

Template-based builders

While you can use third-party marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay to sell online, it’s so much better for brand-building to have an independent site — and the site-creation process can be complicated, which makes it a potential stumbling block for mompreneurs who either don’t have backgrounds in coding or just don’t have the time to do much programming.

That’s where template-based store builders become so convenient. There’s no shortage of viable eCommerce platforms out there, and most of them have built-in systems for creating attractive stores very quickly (within an hour or two, most often). Instead of spending ages cobbling a store together manually, a mompreneur can get to the important part: selling.

Social media schedulers

Staying active on social media is huge for mompreneurs who can often benefit from building their brands around accessibility and personality. People want to support working moms, and benefit from their insight into things like work/life balance. But social media can be really demanding and soak up a lot of time that they can’t afford to lose. So what’s the answer?

Well, there are myriad tools out there that allow them to create numerous social media posts ahead of time and schedule them to be released at regular intervals without any further input. If a mompreneur needs to take some time off from her marketing to focus on her parental work, she can ensure that her brand stays active while she’s absent.