Bored Of Your Business? Here Is What To Do

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Typically people who run a business that they have built from the ground up will have a million other ideas. Once the business does what it had imagined, boredom can set in. You'll need to make a decision about your next move. Do you stay with the business you have right now, or is it time for new pastures?ย 

In This Post

Let’s tackle the problem; what are the next steps? 


Start by looking at why you started your company – what did you want to achieve, what you have achieved, and always look at the why. 

What was it that gave you the motivation and inspiration to start it in the first place? What, if anything, has changed between now and then? 

Often by focusing on something new to create within the business, a new product, a new service, or even changing the ones you have to offer something better to clients, you get your brain and passion working in unison once again. 


If you have found that the team doesn’t work well together anymore, or perhaps you don’t see the spark that the team had to start with, it might be time to see what’s happening. 

Talk to the members of your team, and see what people are feeling. If there are issues within the team, this can lead to a company-wide issue that needs to be addressed. 

Consider training, team meetings, and even all taking part in creating new things. 

Find ways to help your team re-engage with the work so that you can join them. 


Perhaps it isn’t the business itself that you aren’t connected to, but the brand. It might be as simple as a rebrand to something that feels like it fits you and the business better that brings you back to a place where you are excited and ready to take on new challenges. 

Say goodbye

It might be the hardest thing to do, but sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. If you know that you won’t be able to get back to the place you once were within your business, it might be time to say goodbye. 

Depending on the state of the business, you have a few choices. When a business is functioning well and making a profit, the best option is to ask, ‘could I sell my business?’. If the answer is a definitive yes, then research what that will look like. Keep in mind that profits from the sale of the business could go towards your next project. 

Alternatively, if the business isn’t doing so well and you have more debt than profit, a better idea is to close the business. Take all of the legal steps to dissolve the company and move on to something else. 

Saying goodbye to the business can give you that spark and permission to move on to something else. 

Perhaps, it is time to set yourself some new goals for the business to keep yourself motivated and to move forward: Vision Boards Help Mompreneurs with Goals.