4 Drive Up Shopping Tips that Will Change How You Shop

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Well it has been a while since I have written again. This summer was busy fun crazy. We welcomed into our family a new little one Sebastian Julius Hoover! He is now 3 months and growing and capturing our hearts every day!

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New to the mom game of two boys and having a newborn and a toddler in the car makes it hard to run errands. I started to explore the options for drive up services and boy are there many!! I was so excited. I wanted to share a run down of each of the services what they offer and how to use them.

Amazon Prime Now

First up is Prime Now. Are you an Amazon Prime member? Do you like delivery in 2 hours? Yes two hours!! This isn’t a pick up service but a delivery service. Amazon is still expanding their locations so depending on where you live you may or may not have this service but it is awesome if you do! We even used it in Florida at Walt Disney World to get supplies for our then 14 month old (diapers, milk, snacks). With Prime Now you download the app, sign in and enable GPS or enter your zip code to see if you are in a delivery area. The selection of products is limited but still vast. If you need fresh groceries you can get delivery through Prime Now from Whole Foods and if you need just regular every day items you can shop similar to using the amazon app. The prices I have found to be comparable to regular amazon prices but they do request an optional tip for the delivery driver.

Quick Facts about Prime Now

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Walmart Grocery

I have been using Walmart Grocery for several weeks now and it is soo nice. Fresh groceries and many of the products available at Walmart with free pick up. I have been using it recently for mostly groceries with a few other items. The products are fresh and what you would expect at any grocery store. The app is easy to use and easy to pick a time slot. Be aware that the time slot most likely will be several hours later in the day if not the next day. Walmart Grocery does not offer things like 2 hour pickup. There is a special area to park at each Walmart and of the 4 I have visited it was super clearly shown and advertised. Most of them have been on the side of the building away from the hustle of the foot traffic. One cool thing about Walmart Grocery is you can add things to your order up to a certain time where it freezes. So if I make an order at 8pm for pick up at 10am the next morning and at 9pm I remember that I needed to add formula I can still add it instead of needing another order. This is nice because I am ALWAYS forgetting that we ran out of something. The app is straight forward and allows you to check in before you arrive so they get a heads up you are on your way. It additionally asks for your car color and style so they can identify you quickly. My only caveat with Walmart Grocery is that it is not always clear that they are out of stock of an item. So several times I have arrived only to find out that they were out of stock. They do offer the option to do a replacement but with so many things I am picky with brand and flavor.

Quick Facts about Walmart Grocery

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HEB Curbside Pickup

HEB Curbside Pickup because available at a close-ish HEB and I quickly became hooked. It just happened that when this new service came that I was getting addicted to my Instant Pot and cooking more. One issue if you are not a cook and getting into it is that you do not know what everything looks like or where to find everything. Add trying to shop with a toddler who does not have a lot of patience and the incredible convenience of HEB Curbside was just too good to be true. This is the only service that does not have an app instead a website that manages everything. I gotta say I do like my apps but I have managed to do a full shopping trip on my phone in Chrome as well. When I can using the computer and a big screen is also nice! I have justified their $4.95 personal shopper fee with the idea that if I go in myself I will come out with at least $5 of impulse buys. Why is it that you finally get to the grocery store when you are starving and EVERYTHING looks good. In my area the HEB order does have to go in a day or sometimes two ahead of time and as you can imagine Mondays and the weekends are especially busy. I do think it is getting a little better though as more HEBs are bringing the service. I am excited to say that the smaller HEB that is down the street from us is currently remodeling to bring the service. For groceries besides the additional cost HEB is my favorite service. It is probably because it is usually where I shop anyway so I am clear of the products. Since they don’t have an app they use text messaging to update you on the progress of the order and you reply to the message with your parking spot when you arrive for the pickup. They have designated spots to park for your order and all the HEBs I have been to have clearly marked where to go for pickup.

Quick Facts about HEB Curbside



Target is already one of my favorite stores and when they introduced this new service oh man life got so much better!! You can order just about anything from the Target Drive Up service. Their app is incredible and will show you just what each store has in stock. You can even search a specific store. I was getting some long sleeve shirts for #techkidalex and instead of going to 5 different Targets to look for the sizes I just used the app and did drive up for as many as I could at one Target and then another two for the other colors. It was so convenient. It is so convenient for baby items too, from formula to play mats, Target has everything #technobaby needs. The best part is that it is ready within 2 hours!! Yes 2 hours and so many times so much quicker. This morning I placed an order after I dropped off #techkidalex at school and within 30 minutes it was ready. That was barely more than it took to drive to Target! They have designated spots in front of the store for the Drive Up and if you have GPS enabled for the app it knows when you are there and checks you in. You give the app the color and type of car so they can identify you faster. Target has a great tutorial of how Drive Up works and what you need.

Quick Facts about Target Drive Up

I still can’t believe how many drive up services there are and how many are coming. Fast food restaurants are even coming up with online ordering and drive up (which is a big help at Chick-Fil-A). For this little family anything that can be done on the phone and picked up is an extra win!! With a toddler and an infant trying to do grocery shopping or other shopping is more of a headache, so these services are a mamas dream come true!!

I can’t imagine weekly chores without the help of drive up services. Have you tried any of these services? Do you have a favorite? Will you try one now?

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