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As a busy mom, it’s important to spend quality time with your kids any chance you can get.  With Labor Day around the corner, you have the perfect excuse to celebrate our American workers with some family fun.

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Below are some activities to make this Labor Day one to remember.

Ride bikes

Riding bikes with the kids is a great way to adventure whilst getting some much-needed exercise.  Either go biking around town, to your favorite burger joint, or find a trail nearby and get in touch with mother nature.

Make ice cream

Making homemade ice cream is a classic, simple family-friendly activity.  All you have to do is follow the recipe below and follow the instructions.  There’s nothing that beats that sense of accomplishment you get from eating a tasty treat you made yourself!

Go shopping

Labor Day sales are no joke.  If you’re looking to spend some of your hard-earned, mompreneur money, now’s the time to do so.  Either take the whole family out and visit shops around town or browse your favorite online shops from the comfort of your own home.  Either way, you’re guaranteed to find some great deals.

Discuss future goals

If you feel your kids are ready, you could have some fun helping them plan out their dream careers.  Whether your little ones dream of being a lawyer, a dinosaur scientist, or the president of the United States, it’s going to be fun getting their imaginations thinking about the future.  Print out these templates below and have them draw themselves in their future job of choice.  

Decorate your backyard

If you love decorating, Labor Day is the perfect excuse to go all out.  Bring out your ribbons, flags, and other red, white and blue decorations to transform your backyard for your family hangout.  You might even get the kids in on the fun and teach them how to make Labor Day themed paper lanterns or painted rocks.

Being a mompreneur can be draining at times, so it’s important to make the most of the little free time you have.  For more fun printables and activities, check out these affordable Labor Day ideas from the folks at Capital One.  Don’t forget, regardless of how you decide to spend your Labor Day weekend, what’s most important is that you make time for your family.