Family Traditions Halloween and Day of the Dead

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Halloween and the fall can be such a tradition-rich time. Even as Americans, Mexican rich traditions are still strong in my family.

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The fall festivals and pumpkin patches, trick or treat and day of the dead celebrations. As I now work on creating traditions with my own family, I am looking forward to combining the best of all the Halloween traditions out there.

Day of the Dead Traditions

Day of the Dead, or Dรญa de los Muertos, is a celebration that has become more popular in the US but the roots still lie deeply in Mexico. With the Disney film, Coco, Day of the Dead events have become more and more popular. It is a time of remembrance of those who have passed before us and celebrating their life. Some of the traditions include constructing altars, making ofrendas (offerings) to the dead, sugar skulls, holding graveside vigils, eating pan de muerto and lastly sharing stories of the dead. Of course this is not technically Halloween, instead this celebration happens in the first days of November but the preparations start long before.

The DIY Yearly Halloween Costume Photo Frame for an Adorable Keepsake! is such an amazing idea. Take the idea of a frame for your babes’ first year and make it into 12 years of costumes!

Halloween traditions include booing your neighbors.

One thing I want to try this year, previous years with newborns and a broken foot I just was not organized enough, is Booing our Neighbors. I think this is such a fun little activity and one that our big boy can get into. There are some great ideas in the post How to BOO Your Neighbors.

Halloween traditions include making felt ornaments to decorate the house.

There are so many cute ways to celebrate Halloween! What are your favorite ways to get in the spooky spirit? Here are a few more ideas that are so cute and too spooky for words!

Halloween Favorites

Halloween traditions include a Halloween book countdown to Halloween.

For more fun check out the list of 40+ free printables, decorations, and fun crafts just in time for Halloween.

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What are your traditions for Halloween? Do you know about the Day of the Dead? Let me know in the comments would love to expand this post!