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Every woman and mother has the possibility of becoming a success. Don’t measure your success by anyone else’s. The chances are that as you read this, you will be able to make a list of accomplishments. From graduating school, to receiving a good grade in a chosen subject, to becoming a mother, to helping someone with their troubles, even passing your driving test. Whilst these seem small and simple, they are helping to build our list of accomplishments. 

In recent years research on women entrepreneurship has experienced great growth, 

while gaining broad consensus among academic groups  who understand the factors that lead to women’s difficulty in pursuing an entrepreneurial career.  In 2020, labor markets around the world experienced a significant upheaval following the outbreak of the corona plague. Restrictions on social distance in favor of reducing the amount of morbidity, reduced business activity in general and the ability to be in a business environment in general and entrepreneurial in particular.  In addition, women with small children who had to take care of children at home, moved away from the same public and knowledge that can promote entrepreneurship which was in the early stages of entrepreneurship, in stages where the venture does not yet bring in money and time and money must be invested. Maybe it all begins when you create an online community – to work with other like minded people. 

There are women whose entrepreneurship was developed alongside a job that financially supported the maintenance of the home or venture, some of those women are in a quarantine, closure, or great pressure to maintain a livelihood. 

Why entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is seen by many as an engine of economic growth; Therefore, the encouragement of entrepreneurial behavior through entrepreneurial education is discussed in the academic literature as well as in the popular literature and now here as well. There is a big difference between entrepreneurial women and entrepreneurial men. What is the difference in choosing the type of entrepreneurship between women and men, what will affect the risk that entrepreneurial women will take compared to men if at all? Is male leadership more innovative and risk-taking than female leadership? In short, no. Surveys show that women entrepreneurs were as innovative as their male counterparts, if not more so sometimes! 

Is male leadership more innovative and risk-taking than female leadership?

In short, no. Surveys show that entrepreneurial women were as innovative as their male counterparts.  44 percent of the companies with a female majority and 38.9 percent of companies with full ownership of women, brought at least one type of innovation (take for example: market innovation, organizational innovation and more). What about motivation and vision in the process of starting a women’s business? Many women start a business because they want to be in control, experience a challenge, create something of their own and achieve financial independence; women who start and run independent businesses, look for the challenge and want to create value. In this situation, women often make risk decisions easier and faster. More than entrepreneurs who start their businesses because they need income. There should be no reason to doubt your skills – so the question is, when will you begin?