Foods That Cause and Relieve Constipation in Babies

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As a new parent, are you worried about your child’s bowel movements? Then relax for we have got your back. Constipation in children is a normal phenomenon, and most of the time, it is nothing to worry about. Along with the best baby items, your baby also needs the best foods.

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In this article, we are just about to make your as well as your baby’s life easier by listing foods to avoid and consume. Didn’t think it would be that easy, right? Well, read on. 

Problem with Foods

Have you ever wondered why her child is not having constipation with the same food that your child is? That is because every child has different dietary needs and different reactions to food. The list below picks out some potentially problematic foods that could affect the digestion of your child.

Formula Food Unlike breast milk, formula foods are high in complex proteins, thus difficult to digest and can cause constipation. Breast milk is the best option at least up to the age of six months as it contains the right amount of nutrients for your baby to digest. 

1. Apples are Not Always Helpful

You may have often heard other parents feeding their babies apple or applesauce with absolutely no signs of constipation, and naturally, you cannot suspect it could be a reason. Apples help babies who suffer from diarrhoea (a very common thing again) as it solidifies the stool due to the presence of pectin protein. That is why it may cause constipation in an otherwise healthy child.

2. Dairy Products are Not Always Your Child’s Best Friends

How can’t everybody around you stop stressing the importance of milk, right? But sometimes dairy products can cause chronic constipation in children. Cheese, dairy milk, ice-cream, yogurt, etc. are low in fibre, which contributes to illness. Children who develop an allergy to milk protein can also suffer from constipation.

3. Avoid Unripe Bananas 

Ripe bananas are known to harden the stool due to the presence of starch in them. Giving your child ripe banana porridge can cause them discomfort and indigestion. Instead, try feeding them ripe bananas. 

4. Say No to Cooked Carrots

Steamed or boiled carrots can leave your child constipated as it becomes more difficult to digest. You can opt for a glass of carrot juice instead.

Baby-Friendly Foods

There are several natural remedies for constipation in children, but nothing beats choosing the right food as it directly influences the bowel movements in them. Read the list below to find out the best foods which can relieve constipation in your baby.

1. A Berry Good Diet

Berries are packed with the goodness of antioxidants and can be a great source of nutrients for your little one. Include berries in his/her diet as they are rich in fibers, which helps with the bowel movement. And come on, let’s agree that they are delicious, and even the child with acute feeding problems cannot say no. 

2. Preach Peach

Among the foods for constipation in children, peach is one of the most sought after due to its high fibre content. Make a puree of peach and give it to your baby. You would be surprised to see the results. It also delivers a good amount of vitamin C, a very important nutrient for your baby.

3. Oatmeal is the Way to Go

The main treatment of constipation in children lies in choosing the right food. One cannot stress enough on this aspect. Oatmeal is one such food that can cure functional constipation in children. It provides your baby with the right amount of fibre needed to prevent constipation.

4. Plum Yum

Plum is one of the foods which are extremely popular among babies. It has natural sugar, which the babies enjoy without the risk of faulty digestion. Plum juice can be extremely beneficial for your baby due to its fibre content. Along with plums, prunes are another great option to alleviate constipation. 

5. Multi-grain Cereals 

Whole-grain foods or multi-grain cereals will have a great effect on your baby’s bowel movements. Its fibre-rich content eases out digestion in your child. It is great for the heart, as well.

Tips for Constipation in Babies

  • Water: Keeping your baby hydrated is the most important step to do if you want him/her to pass bowels comfortably. 
  • Know the symptoms: since your baby cannot express, you must read the symptoms. Constipation in children symptoms includes belly pain and bloating, an irritated mood, fussing, or crying while passing stools and dry stools. 
  • Exercise: babies who do not walk or even crawl must be exercised to facilitate the bowel movements. Trust us. It is easy. Lay your baby on the back and take his/her legs, and gently simulate the motion of pedalling a bicycle. 
  • Probiotics: in case of chronic constipation that cannot be tackled by diet anymore, probiotics for constipation in children come into the scene. They are a kind of special kind of bacteria that controls the bacteria in the gut. 
  • Essential Oils: many parents use essential oil for constipation in children. If coupled with the right kind of diet, they have shown excellent results. Various essential oils like ginger, lemon, or peppermint oil are the best for your baby. 

Does the challenge still seem difficult? Know the list and tips provided like the back of your hand, and you or your child won’t face any more difficulties with constipation. You are not alone in the struggle. Leave your valuable comments for us and parents who are struggling with the same problem. We always like to hear from you.