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This Tech Tuesday I wanted to feature a service possible with technology that makes life so much easier!

I discovered this a few weeks ago and it is my new favorite thing. In my new role in motherhood one of the things that I did not expect would be so difficult is grocery shopping. I used to just jump in the car drive close by run down and get the things needed and then head back home. Now I have to pack my little one up, drive the less than five minutes, unpack him, get a cart and hope he doesn’t try to climb out, be constantly watching to see if he grabbed something random from shelves or is tearing something apart, checkout, get to the car, realize I forgot half of my list but am too exhausted to go back in. Enter HEB to you!! This wonderful service lets you shop online, on the computer even in the middle of the night when you have a moment to yourself, checkout and pick a time for pickup. When you arrive you text them your location (if they don’t see you faster) and they come out with all your groceries and load up the car. It is so incredible that I didn’t believe it for myself until I tried it. Unfortunately in the Austin area there is only one HEB that is piloting this service but if you are lucky to live close by (or willing to drive out of the way for this service) then you are golden! Since they are just trying this out there is a free code for the service until the end of April. After that it will cost 4.99 but I think it is well worth it. Just think of that one random thing you add to the cart because you are starving and grocery shopping and I think I easily make up for the 4.99.

Has anybody else tried HEB to You? Does anybody else love this service as much as I do?