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Halloween at the Hoover household at times is not so different than any other day. There have been a few great moments!

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Somone asked  me what my plans were for halloween ....   I'm a mom ... i don't celebrate halloween ...  I live it!

Costumes Over the Years




A little more normal this year. We tried a. new festival going to nearby Georgetown and the Sweet Eats Farm. We had a blast with all the animals, horse-back-riding, and picking out our pumpkins to carve.

Big Boy also had at his school a trunk-and-treat festival with Spooky book readings and more which was a lot of fun!

Last but not actual Halloween on Sunday, we carved and decorated pumpkins, and went trick-or-treating. I think the boys as Baby Yoda and Mandalorian won best costume of the neighborhood. Thank you Grandma and Papa for coming over and handing out candy so we could all go trick-or-treating!


This whole year has been a spookfest! We decided to take our chances and try out Barton Hill Farms, doing some research I was impressed by what they were doing to stay careful and what we encountered did not fail us. Staff was around everywhere after we played with some balls they sanitized them and after the boys rode the bee train the seats were wiped down. There were reminders everywhere and although there were some visitors who did not wear masks, masks were required in all of the lines for food and tickets. They also transitioned to completely cashless this year so there was no exchange of money and cards could be used on an external reader.

Halloween Favorites


This year Big Boy is REALLY into Halloween! Everything is spooky, ghost, spider, ahhh! He loves our decorations out front a blow-up pumpkin and ghost and loves his dinosaur costume!

We visited two pumpkin patches this year, Sweet Berry Farms and Barton Hill Farms. The little guy took his first steps at the second pumpkin patch! Then Halloween day we went to downtown Round Rock to celebrate with the city. By the time trick or treating time rolled around, we were out!


First Halloween for our little guy! We had a Winnie the Poo duo with Pooh Bear and Tigger.

We had a very special visitor, our great-auntie visiting! We went up to Magnolia in Waco to enjoy the day. The Jaxx Bean Bags Chairs were a hit (and still on my Christmas list!)

We tried to take photos at a pumpkin patch but Big Boy wasn’t having it! With our little guy only being 3 months this was one of our first attempts at taking photos together.

Luckily day of Big Boy was in a good mood and cooperated for one very very cute photo!

Since it was a rainy, stormy, spooky Halloween, our Downtown Round Rock festival didn’t seem quite right. We tried out the Cedar Park festival that is at their town center. Big Boy really enjoyed seeing the fire trucks and police cars!


Fall always brings a roll of the dice in the weather department in Austin, it can be cold or it can be 90 degrees. This year it turned cold and rainy just as the evening was settling in. Bela and Grandpa came over to help broken foot a little and we ventured to downtown Round Rock for the Hometown Halloween that we enjoyed last year so much. The plan was to meet there. Best laid plans. We got to downtown and it started pouring and the wind kicked up so we (I rolled) wandered into Fire in the Hole and got warm. Here are some photos of our Mickey

A video of Mickey running around downtown.

Can anybody identify who our pumpkin was modeled afterward?


This little ghost and goblin visited many people, places, and things this Halloween. #technobaby was a bee this year to celebrate his fascination with bees. We went to the Pumpkin patch with lots grandparents and great aunts and uncles, sat inside a pumpkin, celebrated at Gymboree with a Pumpkin Parade, went to a special day at the Thinkery with Bela and Grandpa, visited the Hometown Halloween festival and gave lots of candy out to the trick or treaters! #woodbytedad also made the most awesome pumpkin of all an R2D2 Pumpkin it was a hit all night!