How to Boost Business for Your New Professional Venture

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You need to boost business when starting out on your own. Perhaps you have just qualified from medical school or something similar. Here are some ways to hit the ground running.

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Make Sure the Locals Know You

There are some professions where getting to know the community is absolutely vital. For example, suppose you are a local dentist specializing in children. Local mothers will need to be able to trust you to bring their kids in. Of course, being professional and good at your job will generate word of mouth. But you can also take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO). In particular, local SEO. Local SEO places you on the (Google) map and allows people to leave reviews of your establishment. It also places more information to help with search queries.

Ask Clients to Leave Reviews

As mentioned, local SEO can provide ways for clients to leave reviews if you register with Google My Business. However, most people won’t go out of their way to leave a review. Therefore, you need to specifically ask them to leave reviews on Google. This way, others can see that you are a trusted and recommended business. However, NEVER pay for reviews, and always ask people to be honest. Without honest reviews, you cannot address areas where your business might need improvements. Additionally, polite replies can help clients feel closer.

Boost Business with a Helpful Blog

Unless you make it an active part of your business, your website is essentially an online business card. While it will help, it doesn’t do much for you just sitting there. And people won’t find it without searching for your business specifically. Therefore, you need to increase the chances of organic traffic. Fortunately, this is easily done using on-page SEO via blogging. For example, using the pediatric dentist analogy again, you could provide helpful articles about caring for children’s teeth at home. Then, users might be directed to your business website.

It’s important to remember, however, that your business blog needs to be as secure as your website. As this article by Kenny Natiss says, we’re living in a digital age packed with cybersecurity threats of which we all must be abreast of. If you don’t ensure that your website and blog are covered, you will be happier and your customers will be, too. 

Become Part of Local Networks

Networking is essential in business. This refers to getting to know people, not running your office servers. You can help increase business by getting to know other businesses in your area. Especially other companies in the same sector. Applying to become part of official boards, such as your town’s chamber of commerce, are excellent ways to increase your exposure. And you can help each other when doing professional business. For example, a local school can advertise your children’s dental practice if you do free checkups for their poorer kids.

Proudly Display Achievements

If you start some kind of professional business, such as a dental practice or law office, you will have studied at college. And you will obtain a specific license that confirms your legal right to operate. These are important when looking for a job. However, they are crucial for boosting business. No parent will hand over the care of their child to someone they cannot trust, such as someone without the necessary credentials. So proudly display these in prominent places where everyone can easily see them. Your office or reception areas are great examples.


Starting out with a new professional venture can be a challenge. Fortunately, you can boost business with local SEO and getting to know people, blogging, and displaying credentials.