How To Stay Productive When You Work From Home

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Being a mom and career woman is a tough act to balance. Some days may be easier than others but you will have those moments when you feel like you can’t do it all or keep up.

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Instead of getting down on yourself, figure out how you can stay productive and get more done when you work from home. This way you’ll feel good about what you accomplish each day and will still have time to be with your family and practice self-care. The following tips will help you stay on track and allow you to set yourself up for success when you work from home.

Designate an Office Space

A wise first step is to designate an office space where you can work. Stay productive when you work from home by having an office and place you can go to focus on your tasks. It’s even better if your office has a door you can shut for privacy and so it’s quiet. Set it up so that it’s attractive, decorated, and comfortable to work in. Make sure the lighting is right, that the room is kept at a nice temperature, and that it’s painted a color that improves productivity.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Another tip to stay productive when you work from home is to take advantage of technology. Invest in a good computer that you can use at home to complete your assignments and projects. There are computers such as Macs that allow you to download apps that you can use to manage your tasks and time better. Or you can download some games to play when you need a break. In any case, you should review more information about the ios apps on an m1 mac and how to remove or delete them when you wish to.

Eliminate Distractions

One of the best ways to fall off track or not get your work done is to be distracted. Stay productive when you work from home by eliminating distractions right from the start. For instance, maybe you turn off your phone and email notifications and set a time each day when you will check them. It’s best to have someone watch your kids during work hours so you’re not trying to do it all. Also, shut your door for peace and quiet, and don’t bring items in your office that may get you thinking about something else that’s not as important at the time. Instead, make a cup of tea or coffee, focus on your task at hand, and keep a notepad handy to write down anything that pops in your head so you can review it later.

Make A To-Do List

You can stay productive when you work from home by making a to-do list. This way you can stop thinking about what needs to get done and just start doing it. Lists are a great way to manage your time and stress and will keep you on pace to complete your work on time. Not only write down what needs to be accomplished but put your items in priority order so that in case you don’t get through your entire list that you can continue where you left off the following day. Have a to-do list you can use every day to help you stay organized and on track. It might also help to keep a planner for your activities and appointments so that you can see what’s upcoming.

Save Chores for Later

It can be tempting to try to manage your household and workload when you work at home. However, it might be causing you to be distracted, work slower, and feel more out of sorts. Instead, save chores for later in the day when you’re done working and can focus on what you’re doing. Trying to take on too much at once or do too much when you’re technically supposed to be working may distract you and cause you to feel overwhelmed. There’s plenty of time in the day and week if you’re good about planning out your schedule and to-dos.

Set Boundaries

Another tip to help you stay productive when you work from home is to set boundaries. For instance, maybe your friends think since you work from home that you have more time to spend with them. On the other hand, maybe your spouse tends to talk to you a lot during the day if they’re around too. Set boundaries with others such as your coworkers, friends, and family so that they know you’re working and need to concentrate.  

Take Breaks

You will be more productive when you take breaks throughout the day. Not only take breaks during your workday but also take vacation time off from your job. Stay productive when you work from home by not working around the clock just because it’s an option. Set working hours and have a routine you follow. Get up to stretch your legs, or get water, or go outside and take some deep breaths. You’ll return to your office feeling refreshed and ready to work hard again.

Get up Early

It might also be useful and help you out by getting up earlier. Wake up and dive right in or have a morning routine that helps energize you. Wake up and eat a healthy breakfast, go for a run, and get organized for the day ahead. Stay productive when you work from home by setting an alarm and having a routine you follow. Also, shower and get dressed like you would if you’re going into an office. It’ll help you feel more professional and put you in the right frame of mind to focus on your work tasks.


These tips and pieces of advice will help you stay productive when you work from home. You’ll love how much you get done and that you feel fairly relaxed throughout your day with this approach. Be kind to yourself and know that you’re doing the best you can as a working mom who is at home most days.