Improving Perception of Home Businesses Post-Pandemic

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The pandemic radically changed the world, and some of those changes will significantly impact the future long after COVID-19 is no longer a threat. Consumers began to support small businesses more often when the first lockdowns started and now they’ve become used to relying on locally owned companies.

As everyone navigates an ever-changing world, the customer perception of home businesses post-pandemic can continue to improve with a few specific safety and professionalism strategies.

Update Your Website’s Safety Information

Before the pandemic, people visited a company website to find their latest deals, products, or services. A homepage would have featured these things, but that’s not necessarily what consumers want anymore. They want relevant information, like how community spread affects your hours and what your company does to prevent further spread.

Updating your website frequently is the first thing business owners can do to improve customer perception of home businesses post-pandemic. Customers want to know what they’re walking into when they need to meet you in-person or pick up orders. At the top of your website’s homepage, explain how you stay updated with safety precautions as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Explain your safety standards and expectations for consumers and your team in detail to ease consumer worries. Indicate how your team wears masks and does daily temperature checks according to CDC guidelines, even if the local case count is low. You can also request a client’s personal safety standards and meet them if they’re more strict than what your business already does. Immunocompromised clients will appreciate your concern and feel better about interacting with home businesses.

Hang Signs With Eye-Catching Designs

Signs are a significant source of help for companies that operate out of non-traditional workplace environments. They make your home stand out from others in your neighborhood if clients need to find you for in-person consults. Use eye-catching designs with large fonts and bright colors to make your company name and logo easy to read from the street.

You can also use professional-looking signage to display health and safety information for people to read when they walk in the door or arrive on your property. Indicate how far apart they should stand from the front counter or if they need to check their temperature. An effective sign will even display screening questions as a pre-consult questionnaire. Every effort makes people feel safer and more trusting of your business.

Improve Your Care Efforts

Care efforts go beyond masks and contactless temperature scanners. You can improve your customers’ perception of your home business by taking their experience to heart. Communicate more often after your initial contact by following up about your service and finding out if they have any concerns. It’s easy to do this if you maintain a fast download speed for your video chats and schedule when you’ll contact previous clients.

People also want to know how a company will protect their financial interests. Discuss updated policies regarding refunds and cancellations due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns. If your clients need to adjust the schedule for their project or don’t feel comfortable with a service, they will want to know they can get their money back.

Budgets are tighter than ever with layoffs and rent hikes related to the pandemic. Business owners must continue to be sensitive to these things to demonstrate genuine consumer care.

Improve Customer Perception of Home Businesses

Everyone needs extra security and comfort as COVID-19 continues to change the world. You can help improve customer perception of home businesses post-pandemic by maintaining high safety, health, and care standards. Go out of your way to provide information and communicate effectively through your website, signage, and phone calls. You’ll reach your consumers and make life easier as everyone navigates an uncertain future.