Keeping Your One-Person Business Going During Major Life Events

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When you run a one-person business, it can mostly be a very exciting and enjoyable experience, but there are always going to be those occasions when it is also somewhat difficult to keep it going.

In This Post

Often this is because there is something happening in your personal life which is getting in the way, some major life event that has to be dealt with. In this post, we are going to take you through some advice over what you can do if this happens to you – as it is bound to sooner or later. This way, you can hopefully keep the balance between work and life as it needs to be.

Take A Pause

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Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to just put the business side of your life on pause while you deal with some major life event. This can be the case when, for instance, someone close to you passes away. You will need to deal quickly and directly with funeral arrangements, finding affordable cremation and all the rest of the administrative side of things – which is not even to mention the emotional turmoil you might be going through. Putting everything on pause is sometimes the only way, so don’t be afraid to do so.

Plan In Advance

It is best and easiest to get through such times if you have worked out in advance what you are going to do – and especially if you have managed to put aside enough resources to be able to do it. In other words, if you have put into a savings account enough money to leave your business paused for a while, then you will not have half as much of the stress that you might have had otherwise. So work this out in advance and get to a point where you have a good three months’ worth of earnings to work with. That is going to make it a lot easier.

Inform Your Clients

If you have clients that need to know what’s going on, you need to ensure that you are not keeping them in the dark. This is something that can be very hard to get right, as you don’t want to give away too much of your personal life either, but usually it is sufficient to simply tell people that something big is going on for you, and you need to step away for now. You should especially make a point of informing your return clients.

Ask A Friend To Help

If you really can’t afford to put your business on hold, you might want to think about getting someone to look after it for you for the duration of the pause. Asking a friend to help in this way can often be a great way to keep it on the ground, but you should ensure that they are someone who really knows what they are doing, so as not to ruin what you have worked so hard to build up. The right choice of person, however, should ensure that this is easily achieved.