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If you are used to using page builders for content, it's exciting news that MemberPress integrates with various ones to protect your content from within the page builder.

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Page builders is a common topic on this site. They are the block-eliminating tool when creating a website and the built in functionality of WordPress is not quite good enough. I love Gutenberg and am doing more and more with it every day but Page builders in my mind will still have a place until Gutenberg can do super complex layouts with ease. Favorites over the years have included Beaver Builder & Elementor and usually recommend to stay away from WPBakery and Divi. In 2020, I presented at WordCamp San Antonio and we thoroughly compared the top builders.

The challenge with page builders is that they don’t always integrate with everything else. For example, if you are running a membership site, how do you content lock some content when you are using a page builder. You can’t just use the block that it comes with for Gutenberg. As I have mentioned before one thing I LOVE about MemberPress is that it integrates so well with the WordPress ecosystem. This is no exception, MemberPress has built in integration with Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, and WPBakery.

How to Use Page Builders

The process to use the page builders are similar among the different page builders. The difference is the actual interface for the page builder. To get started first install the matching page builder with what you have on your site. Go to MemberPress -> Add-ons in your Dashboard and choose between Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, or WPBakery.

So now that the add-on is installed how do you use it? Simple each add on allows more control within the page itself and your memberships. So with the add-ons MemberPress has made it easier to:

  • Easily Edit Access Within Content – Most of the page builders build with rows (just like Gutenberg builds with blocks) so if you want to tease a freebie user of what they might get this is a great way to add a row just for the freebie user and entice them with content. The Content Protection Page Builder Add-on is available within the row options so it is right there as you build your page. This gives ultra customizable features to all your pages and blocks of content without messy shortcodes! Don’t miss the opportunities to show your members what they’re missing!
  • Make Customized Membership Rules – Create rules to set parameters for each section of your membership site. Set up specialized messages that plug your upgrades, highlight what unauthorized viewers are missing, and give sneak peeks to features that are typically only available to paying customers.
  • Decide Actions for Unauthorized Access – How do you want MemberPress to deal with unauthorized access? Set up specialized messages that display to users that don’t meet that specific membership rule.

WordPress & Tech Goodies

How will you use this amazing add-on? Are you using one of these page builders and are ready to jump in and get started sectioning off content just for your subscribers!

More Page Builders

We went through the process for Elementor but if you are using another page builder do not despair, here are some articles that cover those as well.