Mentoring Could Improve Your Productivity By A Massive 80 Percent

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Imagine how your life would change if you were able to get 80 percent more stuff done in a day. 

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It’d be a kind of minor miracle, right? 

Well, it turns out that it could just be possible. Data suggests that mentoring has massive positive effects on productivity, with some studies concluding that it might be able to boost productivity by an astonishing 80 to 90 percent

But how the heck is this possible? How can you take the average worker and double their output just by giving them somebody to talk to every now and then. 

The mechanisms are actually quite subtle. 

Take Short Cuts

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using mentoring and mentorship software is that it allows you (or your employees) to take bigger shortcuts. 

Think about how many times in your career you’ve had moments when you realized that you were wasting your time and that there was an easier way of doing things. It happens all the time. 

The problem is that many of us simply persist in our mistakes for weeks, if not months, on end, before finally we learn to correct them. Some people never iron out their inefficiencies at all. 

Mentors, though, change the game. They provide timely advice at the precise moment you need it, showing you how you can push through problems fast and avoid making the same mistakes as them. 

Get Engaged

Mentors can also make you way more engaged in your work. 

Most workers are just going through the motions and waiting for their paychecks at the end of the month. They want money so that they can go shopping or spend the weekend in the mountains. 

But when you get engaged with your work, it becomes about more than money. You’re not just doing what you have to do to get paid. Instead, you’re trying to achieve some sort of important goal because you believe the work you’re doing is genuinely meaningful. 

Mentors can help you achieve this. They can point out why your work is important and why you should commit to it. And that can help boost your productivity. The more engaged you are, the more you want to get done. 

Boost Your Skills

Mentorship is also a powerful mechanism for boosting your skills. People who’ve “been there and done that” know about all the mistakes that people can make in specific careers. And so they are often the best people to go to for sage advice on what not to do. 

They can also help guide, coach and teach you some of the skills you’ll need on the job. None of what they say is particularly complicated or technical. But it is insightful and can be helpful, especially if you are still learning the ropes. 

Thus, if you’re at your wits end and want to get more done in a day, consider mentoring. It leads to increased workplace performance, greater job satisfaction and more commitment to your work. importantly, it ultimately enables you to earn more money.