How to Capture the Magic Moments for Busy Moms

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There has always been a spark for photography in me but having kids leaped that spark into super drive. I am obsessed (as I think many of us are) about capturing those moments that are so fleeting and will be gone tomorrow. My little one just started walking. My big boy, who was ten months when I first published this post, is now a big three-year-old. It is just insane.

Learning Photography

The first hurdle is to master a bit of the magic of photography. I really think there is some magic to it and some skill that you can learn. Have you ever been in a situation where one person takes an amazing photo and someone else’s photo is all wrong? Is it just luck or did one know a little more about lighting, and composition? It is time to conquer this and learn a little more! Just in time check out this deal by Ultimate Bundles the Photography Super Bundle. So many resources for just $37 dollars. I barely go through a fast food place without dishing out that amount of money! Check out these courses on photography! From how to get your lighting and composition just right to how to capture your baby’s first year or vacation photos, this bundle has everything including 12 eCourses, 6 eBooks, templates & presets.

  • Shoot Stunning Natural Light Portraits by David Molnar (eCourse) $147.00
    A 2-hour video course designed to be the only course you need to turn professional with your portraits.
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    The easy guide to get you started making amazing portraits (and documenting those fleeting childhood moments) of your kids.
  • The Compelling Photograph: Books 1 & 2 by Anne McKinnell (eBooks) $19.98
    Designed to teach a combination of camera skills, the elements of good image design, and creative photography techniques to give you a solid foundation on which to base your vision.
  • How to Photograph Your Baby’s First Year by Niki Strbian (eCourse) $149.00
    All you need is your baby and a phone.
  • The Wanderlust Photo Lab by Addie Gray (eCourse) $197.00
    Finally, get off auto mode and take great travel photos.

Phone Photography

If you are like me and have come to rely on my phone as the camera I always have and use my DSLR less and less check out these pieces of the Photography Super bundle for phone photography. Just a few of the items in the bundle almost worth $100. I splurged before the little guy was born and got the iPhone X which has an amazing camera. There are times though that I have no clue if I am using it to the best possible.

  • Create. Capture. Conquer by Kayla Marie Butler (eCourse) $22.00
    Phone Photography – because the best tool is the one you have
  • iPhone Photography Boss: How To Get Amazing Pictures From Your iPhone by Snap Happy Mom (eCourse) $47.00 
    Your iPhone is more than a point & shoot camera – learn how to use it like a boss and take amazing photos.
  • Picture Play by Jill Krause (eBook) $19.00
    Learn how to use your phone and free & cheap apps to take and edit photos you will LOVE, want to print and share.

DSLR Photography and Gear

If you want to venture further into DSLR photography this bundle has it all with specific courses for both Nikon and Canon!

  • Photography Start: Ultimate Training Guide for Beginning Photographers by Improve Photography (eCourse) $49.00
    The ultimate training guide for budding photographers who want to master shooting in manual mode without thinking, capture tack-sharp photos every time, and want to learn to take advantage of the functions of their cameras.
  • The Capture Course: Photographing With Ease In Manual Mode by Lindsay Davenport (eCourse) $149.00
    It will take you from clueless to confident in manual mode with your camera. 
  • The Ultimate Beginner Canon DSLR Photography Course by Rebecca McGonigle (eCourse) $20.00
    Learn how to use your Canon DSLR camera and get the fantastic photos you have always wanted.  
  • The Ultimate Beginner Nikon DSLR Photography Course by Rebecca McGonigle (eCourse) $20.00
    Learn how to use your Nikon DSLR camera and get the fantastic photos you have always wanted.  

With the DSLR you also tend to need a fully stocked camera bag, these are a few of my favorite items. My biggest wins are always having an extra battery, a remote to take photos with a tripod, and a portrait lens for those special moments.

Photography Tools

Once you have the photos in hand, sometimes the processing can make all the difference. I remember the days of going to a dark room to “develop” film, these days with the beauty of digital photography we have so many more options (or just more attainable options not needing a dark room) to process our photos. From filters to lightroom presets this bundle will level up your photos and awe all those around you!

  • Album Templates by Birdesign (Templates) $105.00
    Beautiful customizable photoshop album templates.
  • The Beauty: Portrait & Lifestyle Lightroom Presets by Ellie Moreno (Presets) $29.00
    This series consists of 50 presets that can give your images a sharp look and a contemporary fashion mood, whether you are shooting portraits or scenes of everyday life you can apply the effects contained to give a consistent style to your images.
  • The Insta 25: Lightroom Presets by Laura Orlando (Presets) $25.00
    A collection designed to effortlessly edit your photographs in just one click – whether it’s for a family photo album or a Facebook moment, you’ll be happy & confident in showing off your photographs.

Photography Apps: Adorable

When I wrote this post almost three years ago, I wanted to highlight the Adorable app. After all this time it is still a favorite. I didn’t discover it until my big boy was about ten months old so I missed out on the pregnancy photos and newborn opportunities. Then with baby number two was not as great with the discipline needed. There are many competitors and apps that are similar but I think this one nails it! It has just the right cuteness in its imagery and is so easy to use. This is a great option to combine with the new skills you will have with the Ultimate Photography Bundle, making your photos so share-worthy! I hope you can try it and if you like it make sure to share and like this post as well! Do you have a favorite app for decorating those precious moments you captured with your little ones?

Here are some of my own creations:

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